Problem With Npc Finnbar [final report]

I’ve done some crafting to test the new armor changes since the last update.

Game mode: Online Official]
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: [PvE-3018]
Region: Europe
Hardware: Ps4

Bug Description:

The Npc Finnbar of Cimeria does not change armor values
But it does unlock silk weaving in the tanner’s workshop

after several tries, impossible to use its attribute to lighten the armor
I tested in solo mode by recovering the Npc directly via the admin panel and it works correctly

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Other exemple for intermediate helmet nemedian

Capture d’écran 2021-10-31 145228

Finbarr doesn’t seem to change values


Another test with another NPC
I replaced Finnbar by Njoror

With Njoror (Pnj T4 Classic)
Improving specialization seems to be working, although I find the stats inconsistent
I ask myself the following question
The problem seems to come from Finnbar, I don’t have another purge NJP with the same specialty, could someone do another test?

Capture d’écran 2021-10-31 152832


So finbar is a purge armorer? If purge crafters are back in the business then I will go back to exile lands. In Siptah all my purges were from accursed fighters, 0 crafters.
Edit1. I will try my purge blacksmith and tell you.
Edit 2. Blacksmiths purge or not, are the same, either tools or weapons, they produce the same amounts.


yes finnbar is a purge artisant
Indeed since the update it should not have any more difference, well if I understood correctly.
I am thinking of re-editing my report
I will finish my solo and official test tonight
thank that would be cool of you


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