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Hello, I have a problem with the quest line of the ghost Leannan of field of the dead. To finish it asks me the purified gem of radi, the problem is that I do not have it I lost it. Does anyone know how I can get it? I already tried to delete the mission ‘back to prison’ but I still can’t because it’s a previous one to that one.

Did you delete the quest item from the inventory?

Hi! If by mistake yes :frowning:

Then I guess you need to petition and wait for a gm to fix it. It will take a while though… :roll_eyes:

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if you are still on the quest that gave you that item, try to remove the quest and take it again.

I already passed the mission, but in the next one, they ask me for the object of the previous one, that is, the purified gem of Radi

Uuuuh that’s too bad, I don’t really understand how this happened to me, a question, do you know how I can make the request?

use the /petition command in game chat

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Great I mean I write something like this: /petition purified gem of Radi

Just write /petition
Then you should get a popup window in which you can choose the kind of the problem “quest issue” in your case and specify your issue.

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Ok I will do that, great, thank you all very much for your help really thanks for taking a moment to answer. Greetings from Argentina

Solvveig :crossed_swords:

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