Problem with respawn

Hello. I play on official server 1094, and i have a problem. Everytime when i suicide to my base, im standing on my bed and my ping is starting to grow from 72 to 1020. And everyone on server have same ping after my respawn. Im afraid to suicide to base because i can crash game for everyone. Its really make me sad because i dont know how to stop it. I play at my base a long time, and its first time when i teleporting to home and everyone on server type in chat: what wrong with ping or i cant move. Please help me! Thanks.
p.s. It started when x2 farm came. 2 days ago

Hey @Mary

Your base is perhaps unreasonably big which is causing the performance problem. Please build responsibly in consideration to other players in the same server.
Regarding the connectivity problems, please be aware of current world events that are putting a tax to online services such as our server hosting company.
Apologies for the frustration.


But i didnt build anything from last week. So my base at last week was okay, but now its a problem? Where is logic? And btw we dont have a limit in game to build.

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