Problem with the Frontier Fondations

Hey everyone,
I have some Problems to place the Frontier Fondations in the right order, because all sites of those fondations looks the same. So I can’t get an uniform pattern. How the hell should I know who to rotate them, If he developer don’t give me any clues???

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They said in the last stream that they’re aware of this issue… however I’m not sure if they’re working on a fix or not. I feel your frustration, the frontier pieces are some of my favorite building pieces. On one of my builds, I deleted over 200 foundations to get them to place in the same direction. I’ve found that it sometimes helps if you face the same way for each foundation, but doesn’t always work.

It kinda blows my mind why they don’t include a directional widget with the preview of any placeable. It shouldn’t need to be part of each placeable item, just a generic x,y,z indicator (red, yellow, green arrows). That way they wouldn’t need to worry nearly as much about the “ghost preview” look of each item either.

But given how many times exactly that has been suggested for exactly the problem the OP is posting about, there must be some reason why it hasn’t happened.


Exactly my thoughts… this is something, every good Designer would allready suggest in the making process… right now this frontier pack is useless to me, because of this nonsens, so I only use the stairs and combine it with the normal wood style. But this is kind of pathetic display for Funcom, given this pack is existing for a while…smh.

I feel your pain being an OCD nut!

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And what does it has to do with OCD? I think it’s should be allowed to call a bad design, a bad design. There is no need to go full ■■■■■■ on it…

Do you know what OCD is?

Ordre des Carmes Dechaux if I google ocd. I guess it has another meaning in English.

I do, again, what does it have to do with anything?


The phrase obsessive–compulsive is sometimes used in an informal manner to describe someone who is excessively meticulous, perfectionist, absorbed, or otherwise fixated. For example getting Frontier block all the right away around!


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