Problem with the patcher - [fixed]

Until last night, everything worked fine. When I tried to launch the game this morning, I noticed that it took significantly longer than usual to start the game. The patcher gets stuck at “Patching local files (2/4)” for around 20 minutes and the space where the patch notes and server status usually appears is now blank (please see the attached image). I can play normally but it takes too long to launch the game. Before I had the issue, it takes only a few minutes from clicking the shortcut to get into the game.

I’ve already tried the repair function. It downloaded some files but still didn’t fix the issue. I’m playing the Steam version.

Hi, @tabris17 -

Sorry you’re having trouble and I’m definitely not the most equipped to help you, but I did a quick scan of other threads where patching stopped unexpectedly and found this:

So maybe check for something else running while you start it?

Other forum threads that might help:

@ Blodwedd - Thanks for replying. :slightly_smiling_face:

The patcher seems to be working fine again. I’m not really sure about what caused the issue. I thought it might be a network problem because there’s a “failed to connect or resolve host” in the log, but after I updated my GPU driver, the patcher worked fine again. Maybe it’s connected, or maybe it’s just coincidence. At any rate, the issue seems to be gone now.

@tabris17 - Glad to hear you got it sorted out. :slight_smile: Enjoy!