Problem wolf boss in E2 elite solo scenario

These “preserve” scenarios seem pretty straightforward but in the werewolf-themed E2 solo there is a sub-boss – “An extremely aggreessive hostile has been spawned” is what the narrator says – who’s a large bipedal wolf and every time he howls I’m insta-killed regardless of health, though the cause might also be a ground effect. No gadget or other attempt to interrupt seems to foil this, and I get nailed over and over.

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

ah yes, I call him Rage Wolf. Watch his cast bar, it’s a heavy purple outline and just run, he’s slow and it’s a fairly long cast. Keep away til the buff dies, there’s a similar one in Mansion with a bear.

You can’t interrupt or damage him while that buff is active (7-10 seconds).

Note there are 2 wolfs that can be spawn as first wave boss, one does the rage and the other will spawn mini wolfs. Rage Wolf has 2 perm buffs when he appears one is blueish/greenish and other is yellow. Howl wolf has 2 yellow.

Note that there is a ghoul with much the same mechanic. Starsmith wrote a guide on scenarios that you may want to reference.

Right was just going to add that (not had my coffee yet).

Actually, looks like there are several under the Orochi Labs section. Here’s another: [Guide] Comprehensive Guide to Scenarios

From Legendary Scenarios for Jinn Grips and Profit Mk II

Werewolf Jerk: The far less accommodating version of werewolf boss. It has an unpurgeable buff that allows it to start freezing you; at ten stacks, you’ll be an ice cube and sitting duck. The debuff can be cleansed or carefully mitigated by stunning the werewolf while you can attack it, and letting stacks run off while kiting it around the courtyard platform when it is buffed with Lumbering Rage.

Use the platform to keep the werewolf away from you when it roars and has a red glow around it. The buff lasts 10 seconds.

Wow, very helpful. Thanks especially for the links! I ran into the bear too in E1 scenario, and that one didn’t seem as tough, though also it was outdoors at the mansion with a lot more room to avoid. In that claustrophobic room in Transylvania, there’s little place to run and if I leave the room he slaughters the survivors. Will let you know how it works out next time he turns up

The Castle bossed always spawn at the top of the stairs outside. If you are inside, they’ll go inside, which is exactly where you don’t want them. So even if you have critters left to kill, if you see you’re at 12 or so seconds left on the timer, drag everything behind you outside and finish up there.

The platform is how you avoid it—I usually melee, so I fight him on the platform, then when he rages I jump off the back and let him slowly lumber down the front down the little staircase.

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All scens have a rage mechanic boss, however Ragewolf has the easiest way to cheese him.

1: Shoot rage wolf to establish aggro on you and not the survivors.

2: Run back to spawn pad

3: When rage wolf gets close drop off the spawn pad and back away a few steps. Rage wolf has to walk down the spawn pad steps and around to get you.

4: Hop back up onto pad and he’ll have to climb the stairs again.

Repeat 3 and 4 while shooting him (IIRC you’re rifle/pistol). Works for all Castle bosses except Lord of Veins. Is a bit less effective on the Padurii due to the snare.

Right, exactly as Starsmith and newbieshoes said it, you can abuse the platform in the courtyard to force most of the bosses to run around.

With Lord of Veins and Padurii I find it helpful to kite up the stairs in the courtyard, then jump back down through one of the windows on the balcony, run back onto the platform, and then just keep looping up and down like that. It cuts their vision and severly limits the blast radius of the Lord’s AoE, which giving you more time for your interrupts to come off cooldown.

All melee bosses in Castle can be killed by the following steps:
0, get aggro of the boss
1, jump onto your spawn platform, and use your range weapons to shot them.
2, when they move onto the platform, jump down the platfrom and keep shooting
3, when they get closer, jump up to the platform while keep shooting
repeat 2-3
profit :stuck_out_tongue:

As for Egypt ghoul, jump onto a certain vehicle, ghoul’s finite state machine(or people usually call it “AI”) will stuck and keep casting “Attack” and unable to get into rage.

Did not know that about the ghoul. For Egypt I take them out back, go up one of the sets of stairs, hop up and shoot them over and over as they climb. till they get up and then jump down. Repeat either with the same staircase by hopping sideways back onto it or run to the other side. Works for me since I’m a shotgun main and I can stack up DB and let that burn them down.

Mansion works similar with the pool.