Problems with Accounts

I was logged into my primary accounts and then I went to activate one of my other accounts. Shortly after making 2 purchases, one for the primary and the subscription for the other, all of my accounts are now unresponsive to anything. I’ve tried multiple password resets and etc. Nothing seems to work to get into any of my accounts. I have put in a ticket, I don’t want to wait weeks for a response on something I’m paying to play. Please assist. Thanks!

Anyone else having login issues? I’ve tried to reset the passwords for the accounts but it doesn’t seem to do anything for getting back into the game with any of them.

hey hey :blush:

The account page only allows logging in a few times (maybe 5?) per day. If you log in more often than that, your IP is blocked for 24 hours. You can either wait it out, or access the site via a different IP address, such as via your mobile or a VPN if you have access to one.

Thanks! Lemme try that right now.

Activating my VPN fixed the account lockout issues and password resets problem. The two accounts still show their payments pending. So just need those to resolve and I can use the third one and add points to the other.

Thanks again!
Back to playing

Still no payment resolution yet. Both transactions still show pending. I’m guessing I might see something on this Monday.

Well, still IP banned and the transactions are still pending lol. We are going on the 4th day now. VPN allows me to login into my 2 accounts and to play with them. It doesn’t resolve the outstanding issues.

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