Problems with elements of buildings after the last patch

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: Europe

So, here are the negative results with elements of the buildings of the last patch (from 06.25.2019):

  1. Fence Foundations.

Your struggle with the “wrong construction” on the Fence Foundations (honestly, I didn’t understand what was wrong there and why touch it) led to a side effect. Now it is generally impossible to install two Fence Foundations at an acute angle anywhere. Only under 90 degrees or more. Thus, for example, I cannot veneer a triangular foundation, although this is clearly absurdly.


  1. Inverted Wedge Sloped Roofs.

I do not know what caused this new problem, but after the patch, the Inverted Wedge Sloped Roofs attached to the wall on both sides began to disappear (see the figure). I have a lot of roofs of this form, I put in the center of the wall and attached to it from both sides of the Inverted Wedge Sloped Roofs. Now, every time after a game load, one of the two such roofs disappears. I can restore it, but each time a new game download leads to the disappearance of one of the pair.

  1. Canopies.

You have deprived us of the opportunity to install two direct overhangs on one position, which made it possible to create a normal angle between two rows of overhangs converging at 90 degrees. Now there remain holes. Again, it is not clear who it hurt. But perhaps you will make in this case one more type of corner canopies, with a bevel inward, for all sets of buildings?


Hey @F_Constantine

Apologies for the frustration but for the time being this is intended behavior. The extra socket in the fence foundations wasn’t intended in the first place and made them ultra versatile outside of their original design intention clearly instated in their own name (foundations for fences). This led to a lot of exploit usage that affected performance in critical ways.

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