Problems with save files

I have had the problem of not being able to switch my original save files from my old computer to my new one, I got around this by just bring the file over but it does not connect to my account as it should as in the patron effect does not transfer over.

I think the issue is that the original game file is from the original version of the game.
Hopefully the pictures clear up what I am talking about.
so does anyone know how to fix this so that I don’t have to go into my old file and click ClientPatcher and can get the patron bonus?

All of your character data and patron status are stored server-sided. There are no “save files” in the sense of a single player game. Have you been trying to switch between the Steam and Funcom clients? Your account can only be one or the other and switching is a one-way street.

steam did not transfer data so clicking either goes to a different set of data. I want to figure out how to get my old data to sync with steam/funcom

The only data saved on your computer by the game are local settings - such as audio/video options, keyboard controls, UI panels location - and the waypoints from your map (if you added any).
Those may be found on “C:\users\yourWindowsUsername\Local Settings\Application Data\Funcom” for the Funcom client (no clue if Steam client stores those here or in another directory).
You can try to copy the folder from old comp to new one, but then I’d recommend double checking all settings after launching the game.

I tried copying the data and that did not work. it is the stream one. I am going onto my old computer and backing up the data there and seeing that does anything.
I don’t know why this is so difficult.

on my account management it says non patron, but in the new game data it says that I am.

Patron status is determined by your account, not any local data. An SWL account can only be either a Funcom account, using the standalone client and a Funcom user name and password, or a Steam account, using the Steam client and logging in via Steam, never both at the same time.

If you logged into SWL using Steam without first transferring your Funcom account to Steam, that would have created a new, blank SWL account.

If you haven’t already, I strongly suggest that you contact Funcom support using their web form as they don’t do account or billing support on the forums.

contacting both sides was the first thing I did. I don’t know how to transfer the funcom account to stream or if I have done so already.

Transferring an account to or from Steam is a one-time thing that you can initiate on your account page.

It still sounds to me like you might have inadvertently started a new account on Steam instead of transferring your previous Funcom account.