Problems with server #1534

Could you please look into the problems with server #1534?

I started with some friends on this official server and it seems very sickly. I’ve played on two other official servers and many private servers with nearly 100% uptime yet 1534 seems to go down at least 3 times per day. Just now I lagged out and was kicked only to find that trying to rejoin puts me in an infinite load screen. I restarted computer, game, and steam and can log into other official servers with not problem… just 1534. I think it needs a little TLC.


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Yea 1534 has been having issues

Hi there,

We are working on improving the stability of all servers. I can confirm that 1534 is now up and running. are you having anymore issues logging into the server?

No, I was able to log in finally. Thanks for your help.

It just went down again for the 4th time today. Again, infinite load screen.

I wish you all the best in your bug hunting!

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Came back up and just kicked me again and cant connect again.

Down again for the third time in 6 hours

Now the server is completely MIA :persevere:

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It seems that 1534 has finally given up for a bit. We have been restarting it all night and now I can confirm that the server has fully crashed. The devs are working on it now and it will be back up as soon as the maintenance on it is completed. I am sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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Server should be good now. Can you all try to join again?

Joined and working as of now, thanks!

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Looks like server is down again

Came back up 1.5 hours ago, back down again

and 1534 is down again

1534 server crashed

So we’ve been patient with these constant outages but this is getting rediculous. There is something on this server (a bad building, misplaced thrall, I don’t know) that has to be causing these crashes.

PLEASE look into this closely!

1534 is down for last 10 mins

Its been down for over an hour now

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@Mashmellow Hello?

I would just like to add another reply to increase the sense of urgency .I love this game but I am about ready to quit and demand a refund through steam.

It’s almost like they have nobody working on the weekend.