Problems with server and game after last update

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Crash / Bug
Server type: PVP
Region: EU

So… After new update my game crash many times… Last time it was 10min ago when i was running to my base from Asagarth. Yesterday my game crash like 5 times with same problem “error:written”. Problem is with memory but i know its not problem with my pc because this problem is same for many players very long time and its not fixed like 6-7 months. Before update my game wasnt crashing, no problems, lot of players game crashing nonstop, only some FPS drops but its normal. After that update, NPCs are moving like stupid. You are running to NPC because you want kill him but you cant because NPC start running on another place and after 2-3sec he is behind you and attacking you, this problem is most in Asagarth, Black Keep and Sepermeru (Set city). After what i try to ask players on our official server, i am not alone who can see problems with NPCs and i am not alone, who game is crashing… PLEASE DEVS: This game is not funny when you need every time come on forum and report every problem causing your game unplayable, wait 2-3 weeks for fix update and after that, new problems and new bugs. I understrand, its not easy to make game and solve all problems. In another thread i said to guy reporting some bug with new dlc, he have to play this game for fun and stop looking nonstop for mistakes and bugs… Thats not true… My fault in this answer… Because in this moment, you are not surviving against Conan Exiles world… You are surviving against GAME PROBLEMS and i think, no one expect this when he buy this game… I am sorry if i offend you with this, but thats true. This game is for 40€ with 5 DLCs and 85% community are very cool peoples and funny… You still think this is not time to fix finally this game ?

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