Problems with the game, I am taking a break form conan

Hello everyone,

It was nice playing some Conan Exiles again and i did have a lot of fun with it. I will join the game again later on to see if it has improved.

The last few big patches have been turning the game in to a better experience for me and my friends. You guys are going in the right direction and are starting to listen to you player base. This also shows on the steam charts, where you have had a more then 100% increase in the player base over the last two month.

The reasons why i left is because it feels like there are still stuff missing and simple thing that have to be fixed to keep me in this game. and here are what those are:

-The map is to small and could be expanded with a region system/server cluster map like they have in Atlas. There would need to be new map parts created.
-Ai is one of the worst i have ever seen and becomes unresponsive when there are a lot of people online on the server.
-The world does not feel like a challenge, mobs can not catch you and if they do you can just jump a small cliff to avoid getting killed.
-New things to do when reaching endgame, It could be anything form small pvp 2v2 arena dungeon to new and interesting challenges to do in the world.
-Performance improvement to building big bases, both server and client.
-Game economy is a mess and needs to be re balanced.

Those are the worst problem in the game but i would also like to mention that Funcom should do some housekeeping regarding the interface and the inventory. It’s a big mess when you are trying to sort stuff.

I do want to thank all the people for making the game better and finally putting some effort in to it. Because, the idea and world of Conan is awesome in my opinion and i expect to buy a lot of new expansions when i try my journey again :wink:

Thanks @Ignasis and @Hugo, for the good communication with us all.

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