Proclaim wealth Broken

When i proclaimed wealth i get this message…fail unable to reachable location to set up camp

Is your base reachable?

Can you walk from your coffer to the outside of your base without climbing or jumping with only opening doors/gates?
Does your coffer have 1 foundation of free space around it?
Are your ceilings too low?

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Yes i have seceral spaces around coffer no low celings and i do jump a small bit of a creneled archer wall

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So the purge needs to be able to theoretically reach your coffer without jumping or climbing. You can obstruct their path with doors and gates, but if the system cannot calculate a simple walkable path to your coffer then it will not spawn a camp.

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Welcome to the forum m8.
Like @forkyeah said you need a clean entrance as well with clean path to accept purge.
But the mechanic of purge still needs work from both sides, players and devs. For example yesterday i started building a purge base. When i placed the foundations i placed a treasury too. It said that i can accept purge and i saw the camp to be created so i log out to stop it and log in to start building walls. Wnen i finished it i made 6 efforts but i took the message you get as well. So, you’re right, the purge trigger is a bit broken. But we need to learn a lot our self too.
Welcome again m8

@forkyeah has helpfully commented also for me about this same issue in separate threads started by me. I’ll continue here to try to keep more discussion going in single thread.

In (some) of my test cases there has been a clear, walkable (no climb, no jumps) route from gate to coffer, and lots of space around the base and the coffer. However, the walk was not entirely paved by building pieces. Meaning that I had a wall to protect my base’s main entrance and a gate in the wall. The wall was attached to the main building, but the walk from gate to the coffer meant walking over a small yard, which was not covered with foundations or floor tiles.

So, does the walk path from purge camp to the coffer need to be completely built without any caps, or should it be sufficient to not have to climb or jump to reach the coffer? Apparently doors and gates in between should be ok?

Having the same issue on xbox, even just slapping the jerk on a few foundations.

As long as there’s no jumping or climbing involved, having a small area with no foundations shouldn’t be a problem.

I don’t know if anything changed between the beta and live on this, but when I was messing around with it on the beta client, doors, or gate doors at least, did seem to affect whether the purge would spawn or not. I had a very simple base set up that consisted of nothing but a wall with a gate and the coffer in the middle. There wasn’t even a floor under the coffer. If I had a gate door in place, the purge would not spawn. If I removed it, they spawned.

I did this test several times in both configurations and the results were consistent. I haven’t tried it on live yet to see if I get the same result, but it might be something worth considering.

If nothing else, its a pretty simple test to do just removing the doors from the door frames leading from outside to your coffer.

Feels like instead of building a fortress to protect your hard-earned treasures, you are building a disability park for the physically challenged purge-enemies to see if they are up for it.

It’s sad, really. I was very much looking forward to the update, as there has not been much PvE -challenge for a solo-player like myself. The old Purge system was equally lackluster.

It might only work if there are stairs leading from the foundation to the natural ground in your small yard and then stairs from natural ground back to the path with the coffer. Sometimes the player might not jump or climb but can “step up” to a foundation from the ground but the pathing might not like that?

A little observation. In front of my base there is a huge empty and flat area, but if you look closely, almost all of it is not completely flat, but slightly downhill, and the ideally flat area is small and right in front of the gate. It was on this perfectly flat area that the Stygian base arose. Maybe when planning purge you need to test the surface with building blocks, I don’t know…

Yes, and about the doors. Some write that doors and doorways themselves prevent purge from starting, and that it begins when they replace doors with gates. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the demolishers are huge and do not fit through the doors)))

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They have no issue of this :wink:.

Sometimes they break even the doorframe, gates or doors means nothing. The BUG is that they might stack on your stairs if they are high enough and break the stairs instead your gate. In this case the purge will stop after one minute. Or if you try to block them behind open gates with “smart building” the purge will stop again.

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Oh, thanks for the information. I will replace my gates on doors, they are easier to protect, and check them.
On the screen - a panorama after the battle?))

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And what is it?

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After the second lvl 10 purge. The first one unfortunately went like this :rofl::rofl::rofl:

If the demolishers reach the treasury then they break everything that’s on the radius of your treasure chest. The only way to stop it is to be challenged by the stygian captain and kill him.

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After they brake the middle part of stairs you can open the gate and they cannot come in anymore because the doors are in the middle of the side stairs so they cannot come up. It’s easy for you to block them and kill them but the game reads that there’s not a path to continue and stops the purge. It happened to me on purge lvl8 and i had to repair and do it all over again.

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What bothers me is when some jackass builds a giant eyesore nearby and kills the potential camp spawn locations AFTER I already built my purge base getting ready for this release. :unamused: Mine works on single player, but I can’t get it to spawn at all on official. Alas, I think I’m gonna remodel another base that does seem to spawn it.

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I solved the peoblem i made a direct path to treasure no low ceilings, no obstructions just a clean path

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Thank you all …and especially. Forkyeah

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After I moved the Coffer out of the main building of my base directly in the lobby/yard just after the main gate, and then removed the gate entirely, then the Purge managed to spawn and attack.

Up until this point I’ve tried it with threat levels 1-7. I restored the gate for levels 6-7 just to see if that makes a difference, since on highler levels the enemies seemed to carry some sort of battering rams. Gathered that maybe the fortifications were too much for lower levels and that’s why they didn’t manage to find an angle to attack the coffer, if they didn’t have the means to break down the door, but at least on those levels it didn’t make a difference. The fort in question is mainly Tier2/stonebricks.

Overall the attacks themselves were better and more interesting than in the old Purges. Some intense fighting happened on my doorsteps against wave after wave of naked conscripts and the like.

However, it feels really dumb to have to bust open your main entrance door and leave your valuables out in the open just to attract the “infamous Stygian army” to attempt to grab them. Talk about breaking the immersion. I wouldn’t even dream on testing these without the admin mode.

It is just incredible how incomplete updates they have the audacity to launch and actually try to get people hyped about them. Loving this game sometimes feels like living in an abusive relationship or something. You forgive them once again, then get your hopes up - again - and always end up being disappointed.

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