Producer Letter on the XB1 stability issues (V)

Our Project Director, Scott Junior, would like to address the Xbox community with an update regarding the current situation with stability issues:

Hello Exiles!
The team has spent the last few weeks investigating crash reports, optimizing GPU/CPU usage, and eliminating several theories we had developed about what is causing the Out of Memory crashes on the original Xbox One and Xbox One S. We are also looking into the work around several players use (loading an offline single player game before logging into a dedicated server session) and determining what causes it to increase stability.

We released a patch today that adds a critical piece of logging to crash reports. This information will allow us to reproduce the Out of Memory crashes players are having in a more efficient timeframe. When the client crashes we receive a crash report with useful information like player location, player state, how much memory you had available, and other anonymized information that allows us to attempt to emulate what was happening when the client crashed.

Today’s patch will add information to crash reports so we can see what building pieces were in memory, how many thralls were in your vicinity, and which assets were loaded. Using this information we can narrow down the cause of crashes, focus our time on optimizing the correct assets, and improve the client’s memory usage.

When we first started this process, I was hopeful we could have everything wrapped up before the end of the year. Unfortunately, we are not going to be able to hit that target. We will continue to work over the next few weeks, take a break for the winter holidays, and start again in early January. We have made progress the past few months and we have several fixes in testing now, but we are not ready to release anything yet.

I will have an update early in January to give a progress report.

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I appreciate you :heart:


Why not just revert to the very stable version prior to the thrall update that caused this problem?

But if we have to wait for a patch, here’s the best I can do to help:

Crash for your logfile on official 2729 at approx 11:48 Pacific time.

Just go to my base at Skyholme Ruins from the Bridge of the Betrayer, up Godsclaw Passage. Cross the bridge and run up the Claw to the the center of my base at Skyholme Ruins.

You’ll crash.

Used to load fine until the thrall update with the false corruption error - but it is a large base, with buildings at the edge of render distance from any point in the main base with plenty of lighting and thralls. Still the game handled it pretty well if you waited for buildings to load in.

Another crash for the logs at 12:12 (again on official 2729)

And again at 12:26 Pacific time.

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Avoiding the highlands because the rain is the leading cause of out of memory crashes. And iirc it would be easy enough to disable rain as a temporary fix.

I will also avoid going to the frozen north, because oom crashes happen there as well.

And I will not be entering the volcano because an out of memory crash is certain death in there.

I dont believe any CE devs play CE on xbox. The devs work on PCs and more than likely game on PCs also. If even 1 dev played CE on XB for just 1 weekend, i think the experience we have endured would have been for a shorter duration. “If it dosent impact me i dont care about it” seems to be in play. I wish the devs would get XBs and all of them would play CE the way we have, crash out every 10-20 minutes. I think it wouldnt have taken 3 years to add a crash log that has taken a month to write, if any dev played on XB.

No, i doubt very much you will see any dev near your base on XB. They arent even aware that XB STILL has summer DK timers…they dont share our destroyed version of CE.


Furthermore, Scott states that he hoped to have XB issues fixed by the new year. This process was started less then 2 months ago. If 2 months is all it would have taken, why has this been the state of CE for the last 3 years, 36 months? Why let XB suffer for years, when just a matter of months would have resolved the issue?


Can you give us an update before January please? We all could use a little more humor in our lives, even when the jokes on us.


It may not have been your intention but you have finally shown your true colors. Your not treating this as a serious issue its just business as usual. Why do i assume that? Cause a supervisor who TRUELY CARED about customer satisfaction would not be allowing his subordinates a 3 week holiday. Hell NO, all holiday and LOAs would be suspended till the issue is resolved. So stop faking it and tell it like it is. I have two theories as to why this has gone on for so long. 1. CE is no longer the primary focus of the company an its simply trying to keep it afloat till the next game releases. Or 2. As TENCENT is a Chinese based company currently under US scrutiny for giving the personal information of its US customers over to the CCP and they are refusing to expend resources on fixing the US based console version. But fact is which ever the case your simply spinning lines just enough to hold our attentions just like a magician’s sleight of hand, its just smoke and mirrors. If you really care cancel holiday and find a solution before years end.


Im not saying they shouldnt get time off for the holidays in according to thier beliefs, but do they really need a 2 to 3 week break when they are working from home already? Thats a very leisurely business practice and not very cost effective considering the rate at which players are jumpimg ship. Im only saying that taking such a long break shows that they are not bringing all guns to bare against this issue like they said they are. Case in point their reassurance is a lie plain and simple.


At what point are you going to start providing refunds? I payed for a game that works. I think all of us players need to start complaining to Microsoft as this is still being sold as an Xbox One game in the Xbox Marketplace. I am sure when Microsoft starts taking some of their profits it will be handled faster.


More useless talk

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Only way is start a class action lawsuit .

Funcom next time we say theres a login issue dont wait 2 years to fix it .


Do you all have no more life ??? yes, the game is in a desperate state but has already come up with the idea that this is also based on the player culture, you all want new game content, ideally every month, you all scream for balancing updates and if something broken you howl around.I can understand that it annoys me, but threats and insults do not get any further.accepts the game is as it is or throws it down. there are enough other games. and when all the haters go away are people want to work again. and to forego christmas vacation. wow. i want to see that even one of you would agree to this if you were in their place. class action is no better, this would get through that would end for CE u FC mean and what do you play then? Because as it sounds you don’t do anything else with which we are at the first sentence.merry x-mass and Happy nee year from germany

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“.accepts the game is as it is or throws it down”

Dude learn to spell

3 years ago i bought a working game 50 bucks whatever
Bought all the dlc 10 bucks a pop
3 years later we cant login
Out 150 bucks
Merry christmas , ah bs
Only ones having any christmas is ■■■■■■ with our money and a borken game under the tree

I understand any frustration, I am also frustrated because I love this game and know better times, I understand everyone who deletes the game, but I don’t understand that you constantly scold and play the game anyway.
I also paid 50 € for the game and then 10 per dlc and I’m at 150 € but what’s the point of grumbling. Do you seriously believe it will go faster or it will get better. I have 2 children aged three and seven and what I do partially reading here is more illogical and less well thought out than what the two partially say. And now seriously, build your base small, keep yourself away from rainy areas and it works somewhat. After 5 hours of play, I only fly out if I come out of the volcano or rainy areas. I don’t have any problems with log in because I’ve got used to starting the single player first, I forget that, but I agree with you then I’ll be kicked out one s

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just draw your conclusions. mine is that my private server will expire in March, if nothing has improved by then the game will be deleted and never reinstalled. is actually quite simple

All I heard blah blah blah not fixing the game.

Fix porked thralls.

If you took the time to red his entire comment, he mentioned “greetings from germany”. Seeing as English isn’t his first language, why do you need to mention spelling errors? thats petty as hell.