Producer Letter on the XB1 stability issues (V)

What a frustrating piece of …! Not only do I still dashboard every 15 minutes, even after wasting time starting my single-player game (which developed an odd problem a year ago - no harvestables in my world, no NPCs, no wood or rabbits, no stone) but now my repair hammer won’t show any decay times in official server #2509. As I promised over a year ago, you guys will never get another dime from me.

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Hey Mek, its extended holiday decay. Disabled until jan 21st on xbox. Imo they should leave it disabled, just like the game…disabled!..old skywall must be getting bored, no noob bases to decay…lol

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Why not make base builds on a seprate save file in xbox and allow optional spaceing for how much storage a person will devote for this two step save so it dont crash the mapmain then devise a locale minimizer to cut down clutter in the nearest zone to allow for bigger builds at lower load weight aloting a max load limit per area to make it smoother set local limits for # of people in a sqaure space of the map so it dont over weigh your process abilty in otherwords a seprate background que list and level of importance to balance out a runable level at all times , another method can be for example multi users could bare the weight of a differing part too shared prossesing other than our own charactor part run by one another part by another divideing the shared weight meaning they play better with more and needs for group play just an idea though but local measureing needs to be done to fit the limitations below crashing levels maybe too that devices need multi points of running instead of run one or other utilize dual contact of both wifi and ethernet instead of solo point combine these methods and you might have something going for ya i just wanna play without the constant kick in the net

Sounds better in doing online world map to cut down on full map downing you just need your charactor infos then and admin mechanics then you could maximice the size of your bases because you dont have hardly anything offline like calling a library of music rather than downloading everything just haveing the # otherwise whats the point of links if not useing them call 100 people all there no data cuts no crash a 100 parts doing their own job like your only running. A camera through another place thats already there your tools and your building then is all you need… base site then would be by proximaty of its maker too…maybe a balance checher to be sure one players base dont overload anothers system as base too big for shared entry type guarding to avoide crashes…oh after a base parts are added then a save intervol they aint seperat peices anymore hints combined parts can be optimized as a solid single peice hints cutting unvisable datas down to make it liter on the loads either way iwanna play smoother without crashes

Hey yea! Im noticing this today! No times with hammer…did they just stop the decay clock on xbone? Im on 2508

Well…Thank you for that!

Hello, can anyone guide to get help on a server issue I’m having where I am unable to load up a server due to data corruption Issues please!

Yeah if you can get your money back then get it back

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Its a glitch. Don’t redownload. Just ignore it.

And the issue loading is something many suffer.

I would, but problem there is same as atlas. Soon as you get offline big clans wipe you out. I would at least like a chance to defend. One of the few good things on ce that they didnt mess with.

:joy::joy::joy: “Decay timer” :joy::joy::joy:…people can’t even get on the game to play…but, yeah, “rejoice”…

I dont care about online to be honest. I would just like my offline solo player game, the whole reason i even got the game in the first place to work. They said they are going to work on it for xbox one here early in the year. So i still got a little bit of hope and patience, but i think we all understand its a long shot. GG funcom im rooting for you this year. My expectations aren’t too high you know, just want to play the game thats all.

Great, the decay timer’s disabled. Who cares? Why don’t you give us unlimited gold as well? Unlimited horses? That would be just as useless. It’s like telling someone, “Sorry about the shotgun blast to the stomach, here’s a new shirt.” I still dashboard running from one base to another, all I do is login and refresh every couple days, so I don’t care about decay rates.
Do you want to hear about my last purge? I got our clan’s purge meter up by myself after a few days of frustration. When the purge finally came, I dashboarded twice (expected, now, sadly) and I fought for a bit until the last wave appeared on the roof. I had lost the ability to climb (a friend said it’s happened to him, too), so I tried to build an elevator to connect to the roof. As I was trying to place the elevator, the game froze, made a buzzing sound, then shut-down my Xbox. Great purge - lots of Funcom.

Yea dude i feel the frustration. We can hope funcom fixes it but lets all be honest… They have left such a bad feeling towards a game we enjoy (when it works) that its hard to ever want to buy another dlc or support them. Dont get me wrong im still hopin they get on top of it soon. But, i mean how much longer should we hold out funcom? The pandemic wasnt an excuse when siptah dropped on pc and you patched it three times in 4 weeks. You say you havent forgot about xbox players, even if u fix the memory loss and crashing theres still a bunch of bugs that only get more high-lighted the longer we wait. Sorry for the novel, buy yea exiles… I feel your frustration too.


Hey. Im beyond angry and frustrated. Maybe slightly insane from the dangle fixes to be jerked away still broken and unplayable.


Can’t wait to see people big mad when the new map hits it’s gonna be just like what we have now broken unfinished with a road map of updates not buying it and everyone should feel the same way happy 2021


119 dollars for the full game. 80 bucks for the raw game. These aren’t just numbers. This is hard earned money I have spent thinking I would have a working game. I am back in fallout 4 territory. Why do you use people who give you money for your product with the expectation it works as test players? I have a job, and when I’m finished with that job I know damn well it’s right, working and my customer is happy. I’m your customer, I’m not happy. Kicked out every 30 minutes to an hour. Constant lag. Running from a tiger I fell through the environment and wound up next to my 2nd base further than I was from my first base which I was headed to. You have no idea how bad your game is but the idea is so perfect. I’ve lost faith, 3 months of game play. I’ve had enough bs. Get your ■■■■■ together or I will never spend money with your games again. I will always know they are buggy and unfixable.


Your not wrong I’m not buying the new unfinished map that they are about to push out just look at all the crying pc has been doing for the past 5 months and read the dev letter this company is a joke an it’s not the first time they have done this you can look at their history it’s not a good one i wish that I did before buying anything from them