Producer's letter feedback

At first, Siptah seemed like it had the framework to be a solid PvP focused map. But…

The recent producer’s letter has only addressed PvE features/changes.

The last major combat update (horse patch around Q2 2019) actually made PvP worse. Horse meta got old REAL quick and has been dominating for more than a year, and NO serious player wants this meta anymore.
…But at least the roleplayers got their horses :slight_smile:

ELEVEN DLCs this company released, and all were solely for roleplayers. And don’t talk to me about some of the OP DLC armor thats good for combat/PvP-- pay to win is never acceptable. EDIT: No, I’m not asking for a PvP DLC. We are asking for the game to be playable for PvP.

Be honest, are you really interested in doing anything for PvP anymore?

I love survival games and I consider Conan to be my favorite, but ever since I started playing during the alpha I have always felt like this game was half-assed and wasn’t near its potential. The mediocrity needs to end.

This game saved this company from a SECOND bankruptcy, so why not go all in with it?

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No, I wish they would cut all PvP content and make this game as amazing as possible


Today I found out I’m a “roleplayer”, because I play on a PVE-C server where you’re free to build something that isn’t a fugly raid-resistant base. Apparently, if you care about what your base looks like, that’s roleplaying. :man_facepalming:

But I have to admit I’m curious: what kind of DLC did you envision for PVP? Like you said, any PVP-oriented DLC would end up being pay-to-win. So what’s the point of complaining about DLCs being PVE-oriented?

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What kind of DLCs would suggest that could benefit PvP? As you said yourself, “P2W is never acceptable.” The result is purely cosmetic DLCs.

Almost all of the balancing changes are done for PvP. PvE players aren’t affected by imbalance nor do they call for nerfs.

I think part of Funcom’s problem is they design PvP from a casual player’s perspective, not a min-maxer, do-everything-you-can-to-win perspective. That’s why you’ve got horses, cats, bombs as OP as they are.

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Actually as a pvper, i and many of my friends and some enemies, would rather not have to build meta raid defense bases. That is part of the problem with the official pvp (raid) is that with the lack of any raid depth, there are only 2 ways to play, build mass farmed wall stacked bases and offline raid with 1000 jars. There is some inherent roleplaying when gamers play a game tbh. We are playing a game. But PVPers on raid servers are cornered into a very thin level of gameplay loops/styles to even be competitive on populated servers.

DLC should not be geared to only PVP, and the ones that came out early on did a good job of adding some perks without throwing PVP out of balance completely. What PVP really needs is true patches that refine those mechanics as mush as possible without destroying/ignoring PVE entirely. Tough task. I would love to see more cosmetic DLCs that do lean PVE/Roleplayer released alongside patches that address raiding mechanics and pvp combat that make raiding have some depth.

Personally I’m sick of them adding in weapons with poison damage and similar on every strike. The bloody cheating chinese are using them with their server crashed boosted stats and duped gear and able to kill in 1-2 strikes.

In fact, the chinese cheating on oceanic servers has been so bad for so long that there’s practically no-one playing on any server of any map. It really is sad

I never asked for a PvP DLC, or any DLC. I am just pointing out how much special treatment a particular playerbase received, and making a jab at how they milk their players for unfinished, mediocre content. The DLCs are always beautifully polished but since alpha there’s problems that still havent been resolved. If the game didn’t feel so half-assed since day one then I wouldn’t mind how many “cosmetic” DLCs they released. I write cosmetic like that because, it’s actually an advantage having certain DLCs because of more favorable/easily accessible str/hp armor.

I never asked for DLCs in the first place. Fixing the game shouldn’t be a DLC :stuck_out_tongue:

DLCs are not purely cosmetic. At least half of them have favorable armor pieces for pvp which are more readily accessible than base game armor, have slightly better stats, etc… let alone the variety.

Nearly all their balancing changes are for PvP huh? Even if that is the case, most of the time they do more harm than good. This has been the case since horses were released, it’s just been going downhill. PvP has been garbage for more than a year and a half now.

Yes I agree, they design the game for casuals. I’ve made posts complaining about this in the past. This game would be far better and far more popular if it wasnt so damn easy in every way possible.

What are you people talking about? DLC is cosmetic, now more than ever with the change to armorers.

The only constant with PvP is that they need something to cry about.

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Being a primary PvE player doesn’t mean someone has never spent time in PvP.

Secondly, PvP isn’t some complex process.

Thirdly, complaining leading to changes from PvPers affects everyone.

If you don’t want to participate in a PUBLIC forum, then don’t

The fact that you wrote that PvP players constantly cry about something proves how ignorant and how salty you really are. It also suggests how you know nothing about what PvP players want. Your whole comment came from a mentality of saltiness and not at all any sense of productivity-- you literally contributed nothing of significance in this post aside from making an emotional statement about PvP players. Maybe check yourself, before you spread your negativity on posts.

PvP players do constantly cry. Half of y’all just aren’t that good.

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The game has had mediocre PvP balance at best since Alpha. Certain gamebreaking bugs and exploits have been around since Alpha without any fixing done. So yes, PvP players do ‘cry’ constantly. The game also has pretty mediocre PvE content, so I’m surprised you havent mentioned that yet.

It’s actually quite simple. I enjoy the PvE, why would I cry? If you think the PvP has been mediocre since launch it’s kinda on you bud, pick it up and move on. It doesn’t pan out that way because you’re a whiny bunch of kids who think things should work in a way that best benefits you.

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I’ve read arguments (that I’ve found convincing) that PvP players tend to be more aware of balance problems because they’re more impacted by those balance problems. Imbalance in the PvE mode tends to only really be obvious when either the difficulty is far too high or far too low. Not sure how that translates in some people’s minds into “crying.” Are we’re not supposed to express our opinions?


From my experience, which is minimum 10,000 hours in survival games, PvP players know far more about balance than PvE players do. They are also subject to more mechanics than PvE players are. A good chunk of PvP players in survival games are hardcore and put a lot of effort into their gameplay, and they also tend to notice more serious problems than the average player is able to. Essentially, the less casual someone is, the more they learn about core mechanics of the game-- and pvp players tend to not be so casual.
Of course everyone is able to express their opinion… but when a PvE player expresses an opinion on PvP then it becomes rather irrelevant. Its two completely different worlds/mentalities.


Difference is, I’m not saying you are crying at all.
No, I dont think PvP has been mediocre. I KNOW it has been mediocre. The entire game has been mediocre and hasnt reached its potential. Nothing is on me, and nothing is on any player in this game. It’s all on the devs and the publishing company. They have a history of mediocrity and I encourage you to look into it with their previous games.
When you see PvP players “cry” about the game, its because they care deeply about the game and its longevity, but are also distraught at how the balancing has been managed.


That is a magnificent appeal to authority. Unless those were deliberate hours however, you might not be very good. :sweat_smile:

I PvP pretty hard core in some games. Not in games like Conan though. I guess my PvE and PvP opinions must cancel each other out?

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