Profession Architect - Where are the missing plants?



Hey guys,

I now solved my Tertius- and my Arcus-career to be able to learn the epic recepies.
But there is another question:
At a few decorations traders u can buy some little plants to decorate ur guild city. But in the screen for chosing some plants in ur invetory to set on place are many more plants than I found buyable somewhere.
In Villa Amiel (german description, sry for that) and in the tarantian canal system I found some pickable plant and mushrooms. But there must be many more.
Already known traders are the gardener in guild city, the ornamentory trader in Paikang town and the naturalist (german description, too) it the northern entrance of the giant’s valley in Kara Korum.

Do u know more traders or any other places for pickable plants ?

Hey, ich habe nun die Bildhauer- und die Arcus-Karriere des Architekten abgeschlossen und kann nun Pflanzen pflücken und als Dekorationen verwenden. Im Auswahlbildschirm zum Setzen der Pflanzen gibt es aber sehr viel mehr Pflanzen als ich bei den Händlern oder in Hyboria gefunden habe.
Meine bekannten Händler: Gärtner in der Gildenstadt, Ornamente-Händler in Himmelssee und der Naturalist am nördlichen Eingang des Tals der Riesen in Kara Korum.
Pflückbare Pflanzen habe ich nur 3 verschiedene Im Garten der Villa Amiel und zwei Pilzsorten im Hauptsystem von Tarantia gefunden. Da müssten aber noch sehr viel mehr sein.

Kennt jemand noch Plätze in Hyboria zum Pflücken oder weitere Händler für ‘Dekorationen’ ?

Danke für die Hilfe

Thx for Help !!


In Tortage you can pick up a couple of plants: Barachan Lilac, miniature barachan lilac ( both position x905 y781 on the left side of the path that leads to the stone bricks you pickup as part of quest to get the slave chains removed, more at x850, y703 next to small pool of water on map), Jungle creepers and young jungle creepers. There are some Jungle creepers near flesheater plants in the garden past Mithrelle’s mansion, opposite the door you enter for the volcano sections of the destiny quest.
I hope this link of crafting recipes helps you:


Great. I just had the older list.
There are many shrubs listed, many thanks. This can light my sunday ^^


If I remember correctly, the shrubs in the Villa and in Tortage require the alchemist profession…Don’t know why…


Yep its correct. I already wondered, why I couldnt take them with architect full educated ^^