Projectile spread and accuracy. and how attributes like strength encumbrance reflect better in the game

this thread is suppose to suggest about the projectile spread and accuracy. but Attributes will also be discussed, because they are related to this archery suggestion in both PVP and PVE experience, so that i won’t need to create another new topic and be considered as a spam bot xD.

add projectile spread for arrows, javelins and throwing axes will be great: this will allow accuracy to make sense, since in current build of testlive, the accuracy determine the damage you deal with a projectile weapon which sounds strange. and this will also help to nerf the si-fi lore-breaking auto-torrent target-locking super npc archers.
higher accuracy should decrease the projectile spread and increase the armor penetration if this feature is possible to add to the game.
left click shot with a bow should have more projectile spread and D&AP penalty, meanwhile a right click shot will not further reduce the spread but gives a bonus on the damage and the AP.
the ideal situation would be: with 50 accuracy, the player can hit the target 100% even using quick shot but still with D&AP penalty. while the aim shot make this player who devoted in archery a true deadly sniper.
also a aim shot should need more time to finish the action and can be easily interrupted in face to face situation because you have to draw the bow fully, right?
certain tier of accuracy perk should allow the archer interrupt the charger in a great deal if the aim shot is hit. so the archer can follow some quick shot to win the distance/damage trade, or even aim for the head.

this projectile spread feature will make rushing into an archer’s point blank more beneficial while a well dedicated archer can still pin you down or significantly weaken your hp along your charge.

about character states:
some weapons and armors need proper points invested to perform well. specially the one from the higher tier. if the requirement is not met, will do only a percentage of damage depending on the states level a player has.

melee weapons, specially the heavy ones should have a strength requirement. for one hand sword, it should be relatively low, while a two hand sword or great hammer will have a higher requirement even it’s a stone one. so a player who have invested more point on strength will get a more logical advantage in melee combat.
if the requirement is not met, depends on your strength lvl, you get a percentage of damage reduction. and for heavy weapon like one hand axe, one hand mace, great sword and great hammer, player receives extra stamina penalty as well if possible.
other weapons like pike, javelin, throwing axe and bow shall also have some strength requirement, but no more than 10.
it should still give damage bonus to weapons, not just the melee one, but also to all the range weapons.
it’s doing fine in current version, it reflects how fast a character moves, how far a character dodges, and should as well include how quick a character can recover from interrupt.
and i also don’t adore the idea to allow heavy armor dodge like medium armor. heavy armor player should look like a glorious dummy.
pike, dual knife and throwing weapon should have a high requirement on agility. you can enjoy the full potential if you are not nimble enough.
give the perk Cat Like a side effect that boost the one hand weapon’s damage as well(including the throwing ones) so these may still be loved by players.
give those two perks about Leap a side effect to kick damage and cripple or interrupt or even knock down, so, Muay Thai figher, ha!
in fact i like agility to boost the movement speed even further, not just negate some speed penalty from different type of armor. not sure if this is easy to add though, it won’t affect the gameplay too much, not worthy for coding for weeks. just spit it out xD
it’s doing great. it just need to be a little bit more lore friendly with the survival attribute. we will discuss that below when we get to the Survival.
projectile spread and AP. low tier bow and all thrown weapon requires low accuracy and they have a cap on spread fix no matter how high the accuracy is. while higher tier and legendary bows have significantly reduced spread if the accuracy is high enough. so shall the master of archery rise.
perks it has are cool, yet maybe move the throwing weapon’s damage boost to other attribute type like strength and agility(which we already talked about in agility section). archers really don’t need to switch to a throwing weapon, it’s for the melee champs.
in case of adding a projectile spread mechanic is not possible in current development phrase, i would like to offer an alternative plan(oh, my mind is full of alternative plans): still remove the damage bonus for range weapons by every accuracy point, that belongs to strength. instead, make every attack with range weapon costs way more stamina, but for every accuracy point you have, gain a reduction. if this still don’t fit your taste, then how about longer the attack animation frame, and have more accuracy point to faster the animation and fire more arrows, because Accuracy is all about the aim, right? if there are no spread, then maybe it’s because an amateur took a really long time to aim.
also, the perk Eye for Injury should also bonus the pike and dual knife on their debuff effect. and the perk Crevice in the Armor’s effect should not include weapons other than pike, one hand sword, dual knife, and range weapons. players need style, this change will defiantly grant archer some agile style.
its totally fine.
the heavy armor should be relate to this. give a character wearing only heavy armor 1 or 2 or even 3 extra armor for every attribute on this would be nice. so a tank could finally be a fancy looking tank. if possible, a character wearing nothing but a heavy helmet should still be counted as a character wearing only heavy armor.
blocking with a shield should slow you down significantly, but perk Pack Mule will also give a side effect on half this penalty.
the perk Sure-footed should give a side effect on boosting a little movement speed.
the perk Momentum should give a side effect on reduce the interrupt.
survival attribute is lame, to be honest. even with the ultimate perk Bronzed Physique, but for the sack of elegant savages, it’s a must have xD
i think it needs some following changes:
allow the first perk to get a further health regeneration like we have now in vitality. maybe even a slightly better one, so player will chose between survival and vitality like they would have to choose from strength, agility and accuracy. to stack mountain of health pool, or go with a better passive health regeneration rate. also as alternative way to reach this goal, how about instead give like 0.2hp(maybe a little more) regeneration for each survival point you have? anyway, if survival can offer what the perk Fierce Vitality could never done, then it works. the Fierce Vitality should like, wait, my health bar is almost full, should i waste a tasty roast to make it looks better. while a survival pro would stay almost steady during an adrenaline rush. also the Gluttonous Gains might also to be moved to survival in a weaker version to replace the perk hard worker, which is merely a life quality improvement. replace the GG perk in vitality with another perk called Adrenaline Rush, which reduce the player’s attack stamina cost by 15% when having only about 20% left; or with a perk called The Final Stance that allows the character become invulnerable for 10 seconds when its hp was dropped to 10%, and this effect will be reset only when the player have more than 80% of health again.
the perk Efficient Butchery should also give a side effect on damage boost for all weapon, because you are a pro of anatomy, so you know how to hit your enemy real hard comparing to those “illiterate” savages. if you guys think this effect is too powerful, then how about give every attack you perform with any weapon a chance to cause cripple or bleed depending on the weapon type?
the perk Antidote of One should also makes you to use poison or venom really effectively while others who have no such perk can have only a nerfed effect. because, again, you are a pro.
these changes combining both defense and offense, and will serves you like a Swiss army knife, or maybe even better.

Conclusion: so, expect to see more variety of build in pvp and pve. every S.A.V.A.G.E.S. matters now :smiley:
there will be rhino in heavy armor with great weapon chase you around, and every hit it lands shall beat your guts out;
shielded warriors are good at close range, and suddenly when rhino was getting close with its doom bringer, they pull out a javelin and turn the tide;
archers would be either middle range skirmisher or far distance sniper who will always trying to maintain a good distance;
pike wielder will dance with you, they won’t hit as hard as they do now in testlive because they won’t be able to invest too many points on both strength and agility, otherwise he/she might just easily ended up like the Red Viper Prince Watermelon-head in GOT.

Attached Table for Weapons and Armors:

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