**Proof** Exploiting Clans: Official Server 1800 with Proof

Official server #1800 - g-portal.com
Exploiting Group of Clans
Region: United States

There is a clan, Forgotten, that has been crashing the server for months now. I have discord chat logs and screenshots in game of proof admitting to exploiting. On Official server #1800 - g-portal.com there is a clan and their ally which has been exploiting by crashing the server claiming it is through in game means.

They claim that my clan and other players are not allowed on their server, so they crash it when these accounts come online.

I got the suspect to admit exploiting and crashing the server over discord. If you check the servers server global chat logs you can see Kroveguard#89800/Rasouu#87343 (same player 2 accounts) bragging about how she can crash the server and claiming the server is “hers”. This clan “Forgotten” claims to be on 24/7 currently the person crashing the server is Horse#21821, he crashes the server right when he logs on to prevent players from farming and building while the clan is offline. The Forgotten clan members account names are as follows: Kroveguard#89800, Rasouu#87343, Horse#21821, Zooker#77161, [WTM] Kevin Tran#784.

If they have wronged you too, please feel free to speak up.

Last person to log on, only logs on to crash server

[Steam Community :: Horse]

They use this same tactic on everyone they dislike Speedmedia for example. According to Kroveguard#89800/Rasouu#87343, Speedmedia aka Akira is not allowed on 1800. Everyone on the server knows this. So the Forgotten clan keeps crashing and lagging the server on purpose.

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They plan on crashing the server all night, so in the next few hours if you could stop by that would be truly wonderful.

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Hi @dietolive and thank you for reporting this to us.

Please make sure you send us a message by using the Zendesk ticket form.
You can read more here:

We will do our best to help you out.

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