Proper Food Placement of Thrall's Bar


I am a little confused as to where to best place the gruel, the grilled steak, and the shredded roast on the thrall bar?

Currently, I have the following setup:

Axe > Gruel > Grilled Steak > Shredded Roast > Shield

Hmm, I typically only place one type of food in a thrall’s inventory at-a-time so that I can guarantee which stat they’ll get a bonus to when leveling up. Is there a particular reason you’re trying to give them three types of food at once?

Beyond that, the five slots in their inventory don’t have any special assignment AFAIK. I typically store heavy materials on them that I don’t want slowing me down.

EDIT: In case you aren’t aware of what I mean by a bonus chance to increase a particular stat on level-up, this video by JustHorse breaks it down for all follower types, including human thralls:

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Thanks. I am trying to level up a Stygian III Dancer who all ready has 80% Agility, but only 55% strength, and 55% Vitality. These stats were before training. She seems to only eat the Shredded Roast anyway.

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What is the attribute you want to upgrade the most?

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