Proposal for Battle Pass Rework

I understand that people are complaining about the value of the battle pass, and I feel it’s worthy of the complaints.

We’re paying 1,200 Crom Coins (whatever that amounts to in your region) for a 60 level battle pass, which is 20 Crom Coins per level. Currently in Battle Pass 2, there are 12 free unlocks, that’s 240 Croms Coins we’re losing.

48 levels of paid items, 12 of these are decals that I feel most would not use and should be free.

I would like to propose battle pass rework which contains 2 tiers. Tier 1: 60 paid levels, Tier 2: 12 free levels. I would refer to the Red Dead Online Outlaw Pass for an example.

1: Paid item
2: Paid item
3: Paid item and free item
4: Paid item
5: Paid item
6: Crom Coins and free item


Just my two cents.

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