Proposal to improve access to the new Tower mission

I love hard content, and feel left out since I haven’t had the luck of getting a box. Rng with low probabilities and no alternate ways of acquiring the item really sucks.

Same with the boxing club I’ve heard rumors of. It makes me sad that they’ve spent dev resources on content that I will soon forget about, without having tried it :frowning:

I will never understand why they make content that only a lucky few will ever see…its jsut weird :smiley:

The museum items are already RNG, I’m not sure there are any with 100% drop rates. I think it’s a bit too hasty to start worrying about content in the future needing an RNG unlock. The museum is meant to be the slowest part of the game, so it’s understandable if there’s a low percentage chance RNG item associated (even if it’s frustrating as hell for those of us yet to get a box). I remember them launching the museum in TSW and there being a lot of similar sentiment for people who were having to go back and farm for items. It doesn’t make it any easier to swallow - it would have been nice if there had been some kind of lesson learned, but I can still understand the perspective that it’s deliberately slow. Even people who try to speed level their museums find it to be a long process.

I think it rather depends on how you view the new encounter tbh.
If it’s content like faction missions, then it’s something which people want to be able to farm regularly, without having to take extended breaks between runs.
If it’s more aimed at being an achievement kind of fight, then I would assume the intention is not for it to be regularly farmable.

I suspect that we’re looking at it as “OMG new content! Oooh, new challenging fight!”, so see it as something we’d like to farm. If the devs were thinking of it more as the latter, then that mismatch of expectations could explain a lot.

I was speaking about the new museum items specifically, meaning if they changed it to a system where you can run the new mission all you want but the drop rates for the Tank Commander Blade and Depleted Energy Cell were lowered. And no, not all the other items are RNG based. There’s some available at vendors, and the Rusted Sigil Ring is awarded 100 percent on completing the Castle mission.

I agree for the most part. Except for the fact that it has already happened, and, as you pointed out, Funcom isn’t always great at learning from their mistakes. I don’t think they’d be stupid enough to do it for something as large as a new zone, but maybe for other smaller content updates. The fact that’s there’s nothing else like it in the game so far, points to this being somewhat of an experiment.

I do understand that the museum is mostly just end-game padding, and I’m fine with it taking a long time to finish. Once again, this isn’t about the museum items specifically, it’s about the new content not being more readily available to people. Even if they did something as simple as increase the drop rate of the peculiar box, it would be a step in the right direction.

I think it is a test and mission will be tweaked in future when FC gets enough ‘metrics’. Both rng and hardness parts. How long will it take?.. HR6 boss’s timer was fixed a year after launch. And I think in TSW NM raids were fixed 6 months after release of i12?

It’s clearly not though, it’s a joke.

This seems incredibly unlikely unless they also release Congo on april fool’s day, as a joke.

It really doesn’t though, does it? What with this being a staggeringly obvious joke.

Fixed that for you. :v:

The thing is, any sane person not just being deliberately toxic toward others would admit that while many MMOs do April Fool’s jokes, practically all of them patch the bad part of the joke - or the entire joke - out within a couple of days.

Meanwhile, Funcom NC hasn’t even officially admitted there is a bad part of the joke that they consider worth patching.

Now, this is Funcom NC, mind, so the problem probably really is more along the lines they still don’t have a single person that actually took Consumer Communications 101, so nobody is internally pointing out it really would be a good idea to admit the joke that has overstayed its welcome was in fact a joke and a slightly more palatable version of the content is coming in a patch or two.

Still, we won’t actually know that for certain until they finally remember to say something, whenever that might be.

I mean, if you’ve got some kind of statistics handy to support that claim I’ll happily admit it - I can’t claim to be an expert on the april fool’s policies of “practically all” MMOs. Doesn’t change the fact that this is a screamingly obvious joke and not the first shot in a war against reasonable access to content. :v:

Yeah, if it was just a joke, it would have been patched by now. There already was a small update to the mission. That would have been the time to say, “Ha, we tricked you into thinking we were dumb enough to put new content behind an RNG wall.”

The obvious April Fools joke was the bit in the patch notes about exploding KSRs. That was fine, and easily debunked. No harm done.

And even if it was all an elaborate prank, I don’t see how that’s any better. The devs have so much free time and resources that they have nothing better to spend it on than trolling the player base? If they think they have enough good-will built up that they could get away with something like that, then they’re even more out of touch than I thought.

Maybe they didn’t realise that by developing entertainment software they were signing up to fight in the forever war and figured the players might appreciate a daft joke for april fool’s day. :v:

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Tbh, I don’t believe that the box is part of any April Fools joke. Other jokes have been quickly revealed as such, and it’s not likely that they’d keep quiet for weeks. I think it’s just low RNG like most of the museum. The tank commander blade was a pain to farm in TSW too, just with a low drop rate on the item.

For those who wonder about other rewards of the mission, it gives the same rewards a faction mission does (3 glyph distillates and 1 tali or weapon distillate), for me those were 4k distillates. Definitely something i could speedrun and that could be another fun mission to do in order to get some extras.

Edit: actually, it only gives 2 distillates. It looks like 1 glyph distillate is guaranteed, and the other is either weapon or talisman.


Thanks for the info. I figured that was the case, but it’s good to get some confirmation.

It has a comically small drop chance for no reason, it has absurd requirements for no reason, it’s super difficult for no reason, you can’t choose the difficulty level for no reason and the overall effect is to finally add back items the community has been pining for but heavily restrict access to them for no reason.

It’s basically designed in a lab to annoy most players in one way or another and it’s frankly staggering that they could release something like that on april 1st and everyone just pretends it’s a 100% serious approach to designing content going forward because it suits their various agendas (proof that Funcom hate the players, proof that the game is returning to some imaginary past ideal of “screw casuals”, etc). :v:

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It’s annoying, on purpose, and players are annoyed. What part of that makes it unreasonable to complain that they need to change the requirements to get in? Or at least publically clarify what those are, since right now it’s just at other players’ word that “any green box might have it inside”, there’s no ingame indication


It’s not unfair to say it’s overstayed its welcome but I think the main takeaway from “it’s a joke” is that there’s probably already a plan to change it, so there’s no need to start a campaign to have it changed. I could be wrong of course but that was the impression I got from the patch.

There’s a difference though between not enjoying a joke or thinking it’s gone on too long and pretending you don’t understand the entire concept of a joke just so you can spin wild conspiracy theories or be angry at the devs for behaving like human beings instead of content producing robots. :v:

The fact is that it has lasted for more than two weeks after April 1st. Yet you still persist in your tired refrain of “it was but a prank,” despite all evidence to the contrary.

Which I think says all that needs to be said about your good faith, or lack thereof, arguments on these forums.


People being wilfully obtuse is not “evidence”.

Also, arguments are not in bad faith just because you disagree with them. I make no apologies for not treating this absurd “we must constantly demand to see the manager because video games are serious business” attitude with any kind of gravitas. :v:

What do you call half a month anything but factual, reality based evidence? How is that more “willfully obtuse” than your brave tilting at strawmen from atop your gallant white steed, thou noble white knight?

Yeah, really seems like the issue you take with my posts is anything other than “disagreement makes you angry”. :v:

I should think it’s abundantly clear from context that I don’t particularly consider the mission being in the game for two weeks as substantial enough evidence to outweigh all the other factors that indicate that it is a joke but if you need me to spell it out for you then no, I don’t think it being in the game for two weeks negates the fact it’s a joke. Especially with the slow speed at which the game is patched nowadays.

Do I think it’s such a great joke that it’s still funny two weeks later? Not especially, but that doesn’t change the fact that it was obviously a joke.