Protective slots for pvp and a little more

1.)protective slots for dressed armor and 3-4 slots on the belt (perhaps 5-10 in the inventory). In pvp, the loss of gear and weapons can be worse than the RAID of your house, since in fact all that you build is to make yourself not bad ammunition, but to do when you die is not a complete loss of loot and partial damage to things in protected slots (so for example, the armor would break after death by 20%, weapons by 10% (since it will break faster…) it is also possible to make additional protection for beginners (or those who choose the thunder God for example…) in addition to armor slots and half of the belt in the inventory of slots 15-20, so that it would not make sense to kill them and chase them

2.) light and medium armor have lost their advantages in rolling (evasion\Dodge) and actually lost the relevance of wearing them, it may be worth increasing the speed when wearing them or reducing (for example, light +10%, medium -10%, heavy -20%), although still rolling with daggers still work the same for all armor…

3.) I would like to see legal potions for speed and levitation

4.) a great variety of food, but it makes no sense there, perhaps you need to scale vitamins (for example Atlas or SCUM) or absorption (although she’s a little need for slaves pumping, but you also want something special and useful))

5.) don’t know how many, but a rubbish view in the crafting menu, I was annoyed and tabs which only dim slots useless, it would be not bad if only they can even completely hide unnecessary items and would like to see a more structured (concise) view of the crafting window (in terms of choice of subjects, the location of the most suitable)
\ ability to craft an entire set of armor at once
\ choose hammers or axes or only steel items
\open only buildings made of bricks and the like

6.) poison on wear repeatedly in combat not very conveniently, it would be nice to use it as a hot slot or apply as a drink potion on active weapons or through a separate ring of choice as for example implemented a quick access panel on consoles

7.) if have slaves we have overseers, can and for animals need its slave (trainer) + animals in comparison with people warriors quite weak and useless ( only would if it comes on them was it comes what the armor or more health times so in 3-4)

8.) snowstorms (Blizzard) for winter / swarm of insects (mosquitoes or midges) for forests

9.) it seems to me that no one uses boilers with oil, they can make them automatic and more crippling and slowing down the enemy

10.) in pvp trebuchets extremely cheap weapons RAID from ordinary stone and sticks! I do not know why but the explosion shells do not work,and why they are needed when one stone shell demolishes as many as one explosion pot and at the same time exactly in the right place! Yes it takes a long time but it is still very cheap and effective

11.) tamed slaves are very strong, may even stand alone world boss, but very blunt in behavior with enemy arrows because they can not climb and you have nothing to shoot they will stay in Gaza under fire poisonous arrows, perhaps even near the lit-up blast pot,while their fate will not overtake…Yes, strong heroes need to be able to regroup and retreat! If they don’t know how to teleport to the enemy behind their back as their master…

12.) when choosing a faction for which you will play the NPCs of the same faction are not hostile to you, and I would like to see full sets of armor for the factions, and then someone does not have heavy or light armor, and in the Darfari Savage Armors shoved some Hyperborean armor that looks like light but is heavy for some reason, the temperature was changed to heat, and then before they still protected from the cold, but still where are my heavy bone armor !!! like neaderthals in far cry primal)*

13.) cages for slaves who did not have enough space in the wheels))

14.) and the clan bed, how it’s missing…

by bugs\errors:

  • animation killings/deaths this something with than the, but I like, but other say this need to fix, and after all truth aside from an awkward death have different players bodies can prove in different places and the and under textures

  • Rhino sounds when detecting and taking damage are similar to the sounds of a demon (maybe I just don’t know rhinos well))

  • flying safes (I used to think that they descend as in Ark: Survival Evolved when you lose support under them and they just hang in the air, while they can still be built on… as a flying platform it is interesting to end … but the fact remains)

  • I’m not sure what else there is but still somewhere from six months ago it was possible to get out of the game under water and return with infinite breath + run under water, not a bad alternative to the staff of infinite breath and protection from ignorant raiders)

  • in addition to using the anti-cheat weakness (speedhacks and other programs)
    actively use building textures that fall through sleeping bags (bedding), that is, it would be better to reduce the place where they can be put away from statues, bridges and corners of rocks\mountains

  • Yes and somersaults with daggers in heavy armor this is contrary to the changed evasion\Dodge

  • and still learned not long ago that it turns out there is a throwing shield, but although right now and introduced finally the stack of throwing weapons when zeroing projectiles, they visually still remain in the hand and are active but do not cause damage and simply waste your time, and already when selecting they do not stack and go to the internal inventory that is not convenient, just throwing hatchets/Darts when selecting can disappear if all the projectiles were thrown out (if not all are thrown out, you can safely pick up all the projectiles) and the last item received will have some kind of incomplete strength although I did not see it in the throwing weapon, and the legendary throwing shield can be made infinite without selection, for that it is a legend, let it simply overturns the tails at least… and Yes the error of zeroing projectiles is also present in throwing spheres

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