Pruge problems, how did this feature make it into full release?

Game mode: Singleplayer
Region: US Est

The purge is a hot mess. It’s a fantastic idea but it’s been so poorly implemented that it just ends up being extremely frustrating. Here is a list of purge bugs I have encountered:

  1. Npc raids are always in loincloths which makes it really immersion breaking, and easy/ boring to defeat. Please give them armor!
  2. Sometimes purges spawn inside my base, it would be fantastic if (at least in single player) there was a “purge flag” or something to the player could place to tell the purge mobs where to spawn. Sometimes they can’t find my base at all, they spawn down underneath the plateau I built on (there is a land bridge they could use but they don’t) and just wander around aimlessly, and sometimes they just spawn inside the buildings…
  3. My fighter and archer thralls stand around and watch me fight instead of helping most of them time. Sometimes they spazz all over the base and get themselves stuck in structures as well.

This game is an unpolished gem, it’s a shame it was released in such an unfinished state, I really hope the litany of bugs preventing it from being enjoyable get addressed soon before the player base completely disappears…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Play a purge, I guarantee it won’t work as intended. It never has once out of the 50+ purges I have tested trying to get it to work.

The other issues I can’t speak on but I do know different areas will spawn more or less powerful purges depending on the tier of the area …

I have tested in every tier of purge area, the same issues always occur. Npcs don’t spawn in the more difficult areas, it is only undead and giants, even on low purge difficulty, but everywhere they do spawn they are armorless.

Ah fair enough then sorry your having issues

I have a similar problem.
Purges npc’s tend to move to a point that is closest to my base structures but then they are at the foot of a cliff and the my base is on top of the cliff. They are close in horizontal direction but far out of range in vertical direction.
(also some of them then glitch inside the cliff face where they get stuck and can not be attacked, causing the purge waves to stop and eventually it just times out)

The base is reachable by walking around to my wall/gate structure, but they never do.
I’ve even made it easy for them by removing the gate door. If only they would just try to path to get closer (vertically) to the structure that they are trying to target.
I only sometimes get attacked at the gate when some purge npc’s coincidentally spawn close to it.

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Yea purges are a mess. Pathfinding to the most vaild entrance would be good (Usually the gate)

Hey @Mu_Shu_Fasa,

I think staff will somewhere thank you a little for the feedback you have given.

Please note that the general ‘Purge does not work’ is known - reporting issues about it is just fine though.
I myself have added some explanation of non-intended issues(and intended features) to the official wiki.

Since the big patch, in my single player game i have purges at bases/outposts of mine where i am not present.

@exob as I mentioned on the wiki, the Purge icon will show where it takes place. (Yes, (at the moment) you have offline purges as well, so that’s also a little tricky.)

I know. The icon shows up at places where i am not present. It used not to do that in my sp game.

Single player has no offline anything.

Also, what is the point of the purge happening while you’re not online (single player, no clan)? Really? That’s pretty dumb. Especially since all your thralls are dumb.

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The purge

After few like 20 purges i am going to post it here.
PC, private server with friends.

4 bases with very different location (new asagarth, sinkhole, buccaneer bay, noob river), only the base near the sinkhole getting purged, again and again, even other base are totally defenseless.
All purging npcs are naked, they carry weapons but not wearing anything.