PS4 18+ Isles of Siptah PVE PVP Come Join a Fun Community

We have a good community going and we are looking to expand. New players are welcome, we have a number of veteran players in the various clans on the server who are more than happy to help. We have a small server that is currently at capacity but we are looking to expand to a medium server, due to time zone differences we are still able to fit more but if there is enough demand we will upgrade. Currently our server population is a bunch of guys and gals somewhere in their 30’s, looking to enjoy the game without constant stress or excessive time demand. As such our server settings are as follows

  • x2 experience
  • x2 harvest
  • x3 resource respawn
  • x0.4 crafting cost
  • x0.5 stamina cost
  • x0.1 friendly fire damage
  • instant crafting and taming

Time restricted PVP PVP is setup for weekends only right now in order to alleviate the stress of being raided during your busy week. That being said we do have clans on the server who do not want to participate in PVP and that’s totally fine but its important that those wishing to join the server also need to join our discord or contact me here or on psn so I can let them know what clans to leave alone.

Admin Shop, events and weekly bounties that are tied to an ongoing story arc. We have an admin shop where you can get your hands on a rotating selection of rare loot! You can also get certain quality of life items that don’t drop on the new map. We try and offer a wide variety of events to spice things up on the server. Our bounties are a way to earn valuable admin tokens that can be exchanged for event quality loot. Each new weekly bounty is also a new chapter in the unfolding saga that will eventually reach a conclusion and a new saga will begin. We also plan to introduce weekly quests as well. We also encourage those in our community to come up with fun events that we can then make a reality

A team of experienced and dedicated admins on Discord Our team of Admins can be contacted on discord, please feel free to ask for help, ask questions about the game, and offer suggestions and ideas. You can also chat with other players on the server and upon request you will be given a channel for your clan that is visible to your clan mates only.

Light RP The server is fresh and we are still exploring, building and conquering. But we plan to introduce some light RP elements soon. Those who have creative minds that are overflowing with ideas for RP and RP events are heavily encouraged to talk to our admins and will be given our full support!

Them’s the rules A more detailed set of rules is on our discord, but in general community rules and guidelines can be summed up as follows; Be civil to one another. No one expects everyone to be besties, but please remain respectful and civil towards other players. I personally love to laugh and have a great sense of humour but jokes are only funny so long as both sides are laughing. As such do not take a joke too far. There is a zero tolerance policy for racism, any type of hate speech that demeans others, bullying and harassment. Contact You can also contact me on,