PS4 - 18+ RP Community (PvP/RP Heavy) - Conan RPG Inspired. 0 Purge, 0 Wipes. Player Controlled Factions, Caravans, Arena, War, Economy, Diplomacy, Bandits, & Quests! Dungeon Master Facilitated Gods & Adventures. Active Player-base! Voted Best RP Server



Your RP is on point and I’ve always been impressed by the characters you create. Looking forward to a long future together!


Constantly changing world with immersive RP anytime anyone is on. I recommend joining a faction as it is extremely difficult to go at it alone.


Need moar people! Don’t be shy!

Whether you are an experienced rper or not we accept everyone and are more than happy to guide you down this great way to alternatively experience a game.

Same goes to you DnDers! Whether you are familiar with it or not, we dont have set rules on how much knowledge someone can have! Neither on activity! We are all adults (most of us :eyes:)!


You dare attempt to poach me?!?! You fool! For I already have unlocked the secret techniques needed to achieve true enlightenment!


Don’t forget robots too! I’m glad you’ve been with us for so long, where would we be without our server memes?


Awesome Community!
Love this server 100%


Great server absolutely love it. The Dms are fair and we’re still growing so changes are expected.


Not my thing but check it out if it is for you!


Damn! That is one high score! Thank you much for this vote of confidence.


I would join but I only have Conan for PC.


We are surprised when we get refugees from PC! We figure with all those mods, PC would have the best RP communities. We keep getting people telling us they can’t find anything similar on any platform D:


Great server absolutely love it. The Dms are fair and we’re still growing so changes are expected.

I’m happy you are having fun here. We’ve just made some sweeping changes to the way our classes work. Much DnD!


I prefer servers without mods, my server has no mods. Just keeps it the way the game is supposed to be.


Understandable. Well, best of luck on your search. I shame we couldn’t see you join our community :frowning_face:


Np, Server is great xD


I searched for a decent RP server on Conan Exiles for a long time… I FOUND ONE! I am still blown away by the dedication of this community. Rich RP, constant monitoring to keep things running smooth, to keep the experience as immersive as possible. I can’t say enough about this community. If you were like me, looking for a community to fully immerse yourself in, stop f***ing around an dive in! You found us!!!


That is so nice of you! I’m looking forward to our adventures together of cause and effect!


Starting playing with this group with zero RP experience. They are all so helpful and patient with new inexperienced RPers. The players here are amazing, no other server compares.


Thank you for the kind words! Things are really starting to kick off, aren’t they?


This server is player driven. New mechanics are talked about amongst the community, added to our own personal players handbook, then implemented into the game regularly. This is all with one outcome in mind: immersion! Every week it gets better and better!