PS4 - 18+ RP Community (PvP/RP Heavy) - Conan RPG Inspired. 0 Purge, 0 Wipes. Player Controlled Factions, Caravans, Arena, War, Economy, Diplomacy, Bandits, & Quests! Dungeon Master Facilitated Gods & Adventures. Active Player-base! Voted Best RP Server



Almost everyone on the server are nice people willing to help out if you are having difficulties. The DMs are great and the people you will meet are one in a million. Great server and overall a fantastic time.


What a great compliment! We will continue to do our best to deliver - and the more polish Funcom adds to this game, the more opportunity we have to do just that!


And it’s only getting better. I love seeing the plot twists and story develop for your khitanese General!


Major improvements within the past two weeks… a neutral city in order to familiarize newcomers with the server in order to prevent any confusion that may arise when players join the server. In the process, the new diplomacy and import quota system is beyond engaging for factions!


Love the server join us


Good time to do so for sure. We are matching Funcoms 4x XP with our own 4x XP event.


I’ve been role-playing for the past 4-6 years, both on PC and PlayStation, been on dozens of servers, from lite up to heavy rp and I could confidently testify that this server is one of the best(if not the best) that I’ve been on, the rp is heavy and makes you immersed, the community is mature and more than willing to give you their time and help, and there is a chance for everybody to rp as he wants without worrying about “admins”, even the admin part is democratic, I’ve been here for quite some time now, everybody is willing to help, from teaching how to rp to any other thing, improvements almost every three days, and people actually DO RP!!!


Absolutely awesome server! So much detail goes into characters and story it is truely one of a kind. If you love RPG then this is definitely the server for you.


Wow! Best server out of 6 years of RP experience? What an honor! Thank you! I hope we can continue doing right in your eyes. We’re lucky to have you on board!


This server has provided me with alot of fun and meeting new people its great to see what characters people have made, JOIN US!!


I’m happy we were able to do right by you! Thank you for the feedback. We are growing as fast as we can in time for Funcoms new patch that we are all anticipating. Many more good times ahead!


Completed our first major diplomatic agreement between two massive factions… such an astonishing story arc within this server! Our faction had even transferred our caravan to our trading partner’s city via a PIRATE SHIP.


Another great weekend with a lot of new members. Hop on in and get in on the excitement. We’ve got a new twist for new players.


I must say, the DM’s are knowledgeable, and the incorporation of a tabletop system to beef up the interaction is good.

I’ve gotten nothing but support thus far from the community here. Thank you for being around folks! :slight_smile:


Upon joining the server, you will begin as an exile who was cut down from the cross by The Trade Consortium, and taken into bondage as an exiled slave. While you are in this faction completing tasks, you will be able to work on your character sheet and learn how the server runs. After two weeks you will have an opportunity to buy your freedom or win it along with glory in the arena. This is to assist the player in getting started as a base of operations and a place to RP until they find a Player of their choosing. This is a safe haven while they get to know the game mechanics and the community as a whole.


Just had our first arena event yesterday and it was a huge success. A total of 8 gladiators fought with 4 going to the finals next weekend. Very exciting time for the server as our number of concurrent players continues to rise!


One of the best servers I have been on when it comes to the community and Administrator team. The RP is unique every day and no day ever feels like fantasy, but a harsh reality in an unsettled land.

I grant this server the full 10/10 review score. FIVE STARS.


It’s a great thing that you are having so much fun here. We are heavily anticipating Funcoms next content drop. Stick around. Big plans!


The Picts sure are loving this patch. Can’t wait to start using camels for our caravans. Keep up the good work Funcom!


Best Conan RP server across all platforms