Ps4, 3 things; fix flying, add temporary scaffolding, and legitimate skill trees

So, newer player, been playing survival/crafting games since the birth of Minecraft.

As I’m playing, I attempt to activate flying mode for giggles mostly. Then I think about using it for a creative mode of sorts. Flying mode box, checked. Nothing. Checked again. Still nothing. Consult the Googles in my confusion. Nope, while there is indeed a tic-box for flying mode, no such thing actually exists. Plz can I has.

For those who want to do things the proper way to build, without the sometimes hefty materials costs and zany workarounds to build in tricky situations; a temporary scaffolding situation (I’m currently attempting to build alongside a cliff, and granted it has caused me to find some creative solutions, it’s also a just a touch infuriating at times. Also, WTF IS UP WITH THAT MESSAGE; BUILDING HERE WILL BLOCK YOUR SPAWN POINT, when my spawn point is nowhere NEAR where I’m actively trying to build? F÷×%ing infuriating, sorry I blew up)

And lastly but certainly not leastly!
Legitimate skill trees!!! I love how this feels much more RPG-esque than Ark, but the addition of classes, and the ability to invest in active skills, in addition to the passive bonuses from the various characteristics would bring a welcome incentive for actually exploring/grinding. Seeing the same attack loops repeatedly kind of kills the desire to actually go out and grind. Would love to see unique attack skills and the like. Also, dual wielding swords would be heroic.

All in all though, as far as survival/crafting goes, I love how much more in-depth this is than others of this genre, but it does have the possibility of being so much more.

Love you Conan Community,
And Love you devs for giving us such a fun distraction, thanks for attending my TED Talk.

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