PS4 7.51 Update Appears to be the problem

I was in the game without issue. We went to eat. I came back, was in the middle of loading when the update hit.

After that, “No Connection to PSN Network”, although no other game was affected.


Few games that seem have issue with last update. Almost every game I played blue-screen after that update, many of them had saves issue after it went live.

FO76 and CE have been pretty wonky with Save-Load couldnt load messages, and then blue screening.

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Its not due to the ps update. i had the error and updated the ps4 trying to fix the error.

I’d been playing for a few days on 7.51 and had no issues.

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Yeah same here wasnt updated got booted tried updating to fix it before I knew this was an issue

Was playing on Friday afternoon, updated Friday night, and no connection. Whether that was it or not, I don’t know. The point was information.

Conan is the only game in my library with issues.

It wasn’t the update for me. I played early that morning and previous night. It was fine overnight, but it started that error the next day. (night owl wise)

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