Ps4 9.3 update 12/01/21

is this a misconception on my part or the latest ps4 system update improves the game?
Do you see a difference on your side?

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Nothing has changed, still failing to log in, even though already logged in. Still have failure to connect to FunCom Live Services.

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Alot of failure to connect with Psn and Funcom services though finally get in game with out it.

I have no probs but I play on PS5.

I will say that since the update, I have had some issues with getting booted from servers…where I was the only one on.

The blue screen crashed are more frequent now. Consistently yelling me to update the game when there are no new updates. I’m at my wits end with this game. I just want to get through to finish just 1 full though Journey steps, but FunCom just doesn’t want me to have Fun. You have no problem putting.out more dlc to it you won’t find the root cause of what’s breaking your games and fix them.

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