PS4 - Age of Sorcery Performance Patch - Discussion Megathread

Climbing has been working great on ps5

Climbed like 12 things so far and it just works. Like way back to the old days.

You don’t have to move your viewpoint up or down or anything. Just climb

This bug had been so annoying and frustrating.
But looks like you’ve fixed it!

Great job!

Sadly I still have not had time to download the update, let alone play. Could anyone please tell me how many GB it weighs in at?

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On ps5 it made me clear something like 70-80 GB for it to start download process. But the actual download I think was 5 GB or something. Give or take anyways. I don’t remember the exact but definitely not 70 GB :smiley:

That’s how a lot of the downloads for Conan for me seem to work. Not sure why I need so much free when the actual download is so much smaller.

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Ok that sounds faaairly manageable. I live in fairly rural area where the internet is slow and unreliable, so I often have to download updates in increments. This is also why I am hoping we can have BP and BLB items work offline. But I digress. Thankyou very much for that Cannipals, I appreciate the information!


Good luck!

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This is one of the better, fixit patches. Most laggy (that I know of) spots are now playable.


4-5GB on console :relaxed::v:t4:


I am still getting bugs such as unconscious thrall falling through the ground and disappearing, foliage either not appearing, or appearing in places it shouldn’t be such as through buildings, and certain monster attacks that either teleport my followers or get them stuck inside the he ground. That’s not mentioning the issues I posted in another post here.

And I’m sorry to say, but adding an in game currency and monetization to a game that still runs with bugs almost 5 yeas later, with no ps5 optimization is a joke. I’d highly consider spending the money, if the game ran good and you didn’t ignore PS users. Get it together already.

Thanks @GodsOfExiles and good to bump into you again too!


Load times are zippy fast on ps5. I didn’t realize there was an animation to the teleporter till now.

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Lol awesome!
I had watched I think a wak video a couple weeks ago and yeah there was this animation like you said.

I’ve never seen that in game on the ps5 so looking forward to checking it out! :partying_face:

My base has several multi levels so added teleporters to go from main part of base to gold farm to save elevator travel time :smiley:

Normally need 2 fast elevators to get to the gold farm. Even before this patch the teleporter was way faster than just one of the elevators.
Must be way faster now!

And @erjoh, I can see your map room from my gold farm :smiley:


Ping 9999 om server 3735. What’s going on? Why does this keep happening? Was purged yesterday and it kept logging us out during the purge!

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Pinch me!!!

Am i dreaming?
Do i read correctly?

  • Your character will now be invulnerable while in a loading screen and three seconds after exiting a loading screen.
    No more spawn deaths?
    Did i understand correctly?

I really have to see these, now i am waiting the charcoal to light up in my barbecue, but after lunch i will test both.
These 2 “issues” was from my greatest annoyances on this game, i really hope it’s true.
Thanks @den and team :heart:


So on PS5 it’s not quite like that.
I had the problem 3 days ago, I lost the connection to the server and while spawning I was attacked, but funny enough I could already roll and move even though I was still on the loading screen.

乁⁠[⁠ ⁠◕⁠ ⁠ᴥ⁠ ⁠◕⁠ ⁠]⁠ㄏ

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I can only give the same back, nice to see you again. :relaxed::v:t4:


This i believe doesn’t belong to the game rules. Because it’s clear from the very beginning of the game that you must log out in a safe place, so when you log in to be in a safe place!
The issue of spawn killed has to do with 2 serious problems the past years.
1st pve.
a) Travel to the south jungle obelisk without a thrall , the panthers will wreck you on your loading screen.
b) Try to use the north passage to the jungle, again with no thrall, the reptilian undead will wreck you on your loading screen.
c) Exit the well of Skelos, the guardians of the door will wreck you no mater your equipment or if you have a thrall or not.
d) for every tp place, if someone lure an enemy close even by accident, you were dead.
2nd pvp.
a) Obelisk campers, they were expecting people to massacre them while in loading screen and steal their loot.
b) Dungeon campers, exactly the same with above.

So, i really don’t care about the first spawn after log in, it’s on every players responsibility to log out safe. Of course i understand your example @GodsOfExiles , but this is something random, different, it doesn’t happen every day, at least not now. It’s on the “risks” of online gaming. But the other, especially in pve was affecting even the single player mode.
Ok, i find a workaround to do my job in and out until the next guardian spawn to exit the well safely, but, in normal timing, especially for someone who enters the well for first time, if he - she was managing to complete and explore the well, there was no way to exit alive. So this way to loose was wrong, very wrong and it had to change. I still didn’t test it, later on i will. I really hope they changed it.


There’s currently a glitch going around that pretty much gives you aimbot with a spear. I do not know how it’s done and don’t care to know. Unfortunately since I don’t know I can’t help get it fixed.

What I’ve seen is the player lock on to you then do a heavy attack after this you can see them rotate while in the animation. Basically if I am running around them they will do a 360 degree turn while locked on and it will connect.

Tbh this is game breaking in pvp especially on siptah. Please look into this.


So you are saying that the player can do “pivot” while holding the spear and lock on target?
Your defending options against spear, even in pve are less, imagine a fight with the judge with this option? It will be devastating. I will check it later to see if this happens in pve too, thanks for mentioning it @Capt_insano0.
In any case, no matter if it happens in pve or not, this pivot gives a great advantage to the spear users of pvp and it should be fixed the soonest possible!
What i really don’t like is that after 3.0 i loose focus in fights even if i am not using the target lock. We have an “aim bot” like you said, and if our toon has multiple attackers, front and rear, my toon turns alone to hit the rear attacker too. This would probably be good, but it’s not. The reason is that the only best way to decrease your attackers is to focus and kill them one by one, so you focus individually. You cannot imagine how annoying it is when the targeted opponent wants just one hit more and suddenly your toon decides to hit another target :confused:. Not only you loose your attacking window, but your dodge route too, especially when you are surrounded.
The greatest reason i don’t use the aim bot is to choose my freedom of hit, i don’t spam buttons when i play with multiple targets, i give time to my hits, to choose between lights, heavys and target. So this is giving me the control of the fight even when i am surrounded. Now i avoid to enter fights simply for this reason, i am not confused, my toon is, so the connection between player and toon is lost, if you’re getting me. So i would love this aim bot to be removed please.

If I could post or share a video I would. It’s hard to explain. It’s a glitch you can do with auto lock this came in the last update. So I’m not sure what they tweaked with auto lock but they did something and it’s being exploited now

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Me too! Do you think it’s only PlayStation issue? Let’s ask @SirDaveWolf if this happens on pc too, he can easily see it since you mention it and help with a video!