PS4 - Age of Sorcery Performance Patch - Discussion Megathread


@stelagel check that link


Oh interesting. Watched the video. Kind of like the attack does a sweeping motion that can hit a player using a wider arc it looks like.

Looks like you should file a separate bug report for it

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Use this link for a proper bug report! Thanks for uploading :smiley:
Worry not, Mayra or Dana will receive the report and send it, count on it .
Thanks for uploading again :+1:t6:

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Hey @Cannipals, did you noticed anything weird with the truncheon? Yesterday, i could swear that i gave twice the truncheon on my thrall to knock down the ordered npc so i can slay the rest and when i look back my thrall switched from truncheon to weapon and finally kill instead of knocking :confused:. The gear was heavy weight truncheon and ghoulish blade!

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I remember this being used in combination with first person on PC (Mouse & Keyboard).

I can try to reproduce this with an XBox Controller on PC.


Sorry @stelagel i haven’t tried truncheoning with a thrall lately

I have used a truncheon myself recently but I always seem to have bad luck with higher tier thralls where I kill them with truncheon before knocking them out.

Lower tier thralls I can get fine. But since I’m just tossing them onto the sacrificial stone I don’t care what tier :slight_smile:

I’m using lovetap

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Thank you Sir :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe but you can see he doesn’t use 1st person. All I can gather is it has to do with aim lock.

I don’t see anything with target lock. Because you do not hear the target lock sound.

I have experimented a bit but no success yet, but I felt some “wonkyness” with the new unequip animations.

I suspect this exploit is done by abusing this new feature.

With first person was an older glitch, already fixed.

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This would make sense as this glitch came with the last update

This is Broken needs to be fixed ASAP

Check out solums YouTube channel he shows the pike sweep

Yep we just fought a 10 man on siptah and they were all using it with harpy spears. I will say despite being at a massive disadvantage we still won a majority of fights

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@SirDaveWolf i have figured it out

Works on PC as well. Tested with controller.


If I make a bug report will it be hidden? I’d rather not show more ppl how to do it

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Report it to one of the community members. I sent it to @Mayra for example.

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Okay, that’s another thing than my “problem”
with the lost connection.

Yeah, I hated Skelos too, every time I got out of the dungeon, instantly dead as soon as the loading screen finished.
(Even with Thrall, I was dead because they attacked me first)

Last time there were even a few sigils that lost on it.
(I need a server transfer Doc :rofl:)

That never happened to me with the jungle.

And yes, I agree with you in PvP it was gross with all the spawn killers.
That’s why I mainly play pve, because the first time I played Conan I really have a heartache.

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New hotfix is out.