PS4 - Age of War Chapter 2 Update Discussion Megathread

That is a great start! Any idea if exploding imps are visible again Yello1997?

Huzzah!! Some more good news.

Aargh. I feel your pain on this one @stelagel. Some of these chests have either had items which should be accepted overlooked, or have counter intuitive designs with regard to what they will and will not accept. Is the Metalworking chest accepting Composite Obsidian now? Sadly I will probably not get a chance to try out the update until the weekend.

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I will look this first thing tomorrow.

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No sorry, haven’t checked that out yet.

Exploding imps are visible. Confirmed


I can’t load my server as the loading bar reaches half way then it blue screens and shuts the game out

But i was able to play this morning after the update but got blue screen this after noon and i have been trying for 1 and a half hours to get in to my server since the first blue screen


Kinda funny though

I haven’t been able to log on all day. I tried restarting my ps5 several times without any luck.

My boys are back! So much better looking


Here is my vault and location. I get the message that there is no place for the purge to set camp. Also, disable auto close is not working on the gate.

Noticing heavy loading times on bases of any size… to the point where i sometimes need to just log out of the game and log back in for it to load. Also, frequent crashes. Grass looks nice now, but if the base loading and crashes are affected by the grass, I’d rather just have ■■■■■■ looking grass. :unamused: this is happening with everyone on my server.


Bearers Pack is visible once more.

Running in significant performance issues. Last night during peak time, one PvEC server staled my loading in to where I had to restart the game. Thrall and horse ai got worse. Lag issues when in combat during peak times.

This morning with only 5 people on, still lags around base. Horse thrall stayed at guard location when I asked it to follow. Return function didn’t work and commanding it to move to different location game the message thrall could not move to that location.

Rubberbanding of old is back and delays in combat executions and hp/stamina current totals.


Hello everyone .
The observation is simple : in the northern steps and the tundra, it or a that can be in areas where you could have a purge for lack of space for the Stygian camp.
The only valid locations are around the new Asgarat and the viaduct . I built on the isle of Thelit and of course I was born no purge.
So unless everyone build in the same place (with performance problems) very can have purges (except to rebuild elsewhere or to put in place of the post)


Maybe your issue is different my fellow exile. The past week they had to change the IP on some servers. So unfavorite your server, go to the filter official and type in the box the number of the official you’re playing. I am pretty confident that you’ll manage to log in.

:unamused:i can’t even move now in a offline single player game the rubberbanding and hit boxes are broken this video shows a lot of what i have been going thru bug wise only it is worse for me as in i rubberband off cliff edges, out/under the map. and so many other things :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: on PS4


To be able to take advantage of the new purges I have built a hub base in the south of the savannah.
A 21x21 rampart with just a one portal.
In the center I put a small chapel with a treasure chest. (as I am on a private server, I placed several archer on the rampart and soldiers on the ground in front and behind the portal.)
Then I put pieces and gold coin in the trunk (always thanks to the admin panels) and I have to punctuate a level 10 purge.

Not even a minute after the beginning of the purge The application closed (I have been playing since December on PS5 and that is the first time that it happens with this machine) then back on the game all the defensers outside the Rampart were dead (I had not bored to level them or equip them).

With the combatant regular stygians came from the fighting enrolled by force (they were naked) and finally with elites the destructive (those with belliers) appeared.

I then noticed that instead of going to the treasure room, all the enemies went to my archer placed on the ramparts, less than a dozen stygians are alles to the treasure, the others (at least 60) are agreed on the archer.

10 to 15 minutes after the start of the purge, the Stygian commander arrived .
Observation : in the cages (6 to total) 2 dancer, one of which was named 3 combatants Level 2 is the merchant), in the two boxes close to key, various and high -level items (including two legendary weapons).
Conclusion : Adrenaline adding, the adrenaline rises in a dart, the battle is exciting (some defects to review the behavior of the raids).
I think it would be good to review the rewards that could be purchased (the explosives are useless in PVE) .

Note that I have tested while the server population was a player, to see with more people on the server, especially if all launches a purge at the same time .

From what I have been reading since the Update was pushed out, Server Performance for a lot of Players on multiple platforms is less than ideal.

And here we are on Friday, going into the weekend, which is peak gaming time for a lot of folks.

I can’t help but refer to this statement made recently:


The game has been unplayable on PS5 since the update. The server was much more stable before.

This update brought new problems:

  • Infinite loading screen
  • Extremely laggy NPCs
  • NPCs are able to hit you from very far distances with melee weapons about 5-10 meters away.

UPDATED Sept 23 2:43PM

  • Placeables like the large chest take away resources but don’t produce a chest. The area it should of been built is now an area the player can get caught on and rubberband.
  • When prompting a follower to follow, sometimes they do not follow and any subsequent request for the thrall to follow produces the message “thrall1 has now stopped following you.”, “thrall1 is now following you.”
  • Equipping a weapon and attempting to attack produces no results.

This is all i’ve found so far since it has been hard to get back on.

Updated SEPT 23rd

PvEC servers I’m on cannot gain access. Stalls out on load screens. 3 tested and confirmed so I think PvEC is back on being not an option anymore