Ps4 all combat thralls and pets are gone


After the “maitenance”, there was a server-side removal of every single combat thrall and pet in our server.

Where can we get an official answer for this?

All of our and my combat thralls are GONE.


Update: We can’t place down any new combat thralls.
They disappear immediately after being placed.


Are you playing on a private server. If so admin may have messed up settings


I think it’s happening on more than one server. I’m on a PVE-C server called Rogue Oasis, and earlier today all my combat thralls and pets on every base where there, this afternoon, they all vanished, and not just me, but with EVERYONE.

I know it isn’t one of the official servers, but it’s still a valid server.

I messaged the admin of that server and am waiting for a response, but I don’t think this bug is server specific. And this IS A REPEAT of a previous bug from last December. I hope there is a fix to bring them all back.

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