[PS4] Annunaki is recruiting again. PvE with small buffs, age 25-40 is player base

If you want a server u:

  • Don’t loose items when dead

  • Get more mats from harvest

  • Have experienced enough players to help you with questions you have (and you will) if you’re new/newish to the game

  • Is a part of the server and have a say in what settings you want

  • Can use as test server if you want to test something out witch would take ages on normal i can change setting for you in a period of time

For fun, co-op play, building and ofc raiding dungeons and ■■■■■■■ om Bosses

Let me know.

Legendary weapons to first 5

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Im down to give it a shot :slight_smile: I am looking for a server to call home that hopefully wont get raided or trolled constantly.

I’m looking for a PvE server to try out. I’ve been running around in the single-player offline mode for a week or two to get my bearings – still much more to explore. So, how do I sign up join??

We have a pretty solid player base but it’s more capasity. Legendary weapons for next five to!

If you and your clan want a server to kick back and enjoy the RP, building an adault players on server after a brutal PvP-day join Xanadu, EU

And a clan just signed on. This is allmost overwelming, but than you guys. The server is awesome noe.Still recruting btw.

Hi, is this US or EU?

EU server, English speeking players. Less lag problem there vs official in NA according to them

Community up with weekly annonsements, bragging screenshots and suggestions from plsyers.

Hey, do u still looking for members? Im looking for a clan. Haw can i contact with u on PSN ?? Or in game ??

Hi. KjellTRingen1337 on psn
I’m open for more