Ps4 armour thrall issue

Game mode: [Online
Problem: | Bug |
Region: europe

Do have 2 armour Thrall benaru heavy hands and izi something or other. Had then both at my armour bench. Izi disappeared about a week ago when I put benaru heavy hands in. Then had an improved bench to which I was moving benaru. the izi appeared and benaru has now gone and izi has now gone at the same bench.

How can I get them back? Both have disappeared magically into the bench but I can’t get them back…

very annoying

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Solves the issue. So it seems that if you have a new thrall and move it to the armour bench press x. However there is not slot available. It merges into the bench. To get your thrall back. move to the bench make sure that no segment of the bench is high lighted press x even thought it looks like no5hing is happening move to your inventory and the thrall transfers over.

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