PS4 Avatar and wall glitch

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Oceanic]

Wondering if Official PVE-C servers will continue to allow a certain avatar to kill thralls/pets? Continue endorsement of glitching walls into buildings to summon said avatar? (watched them do it and have pics and documentation)

Probably a dumb question since my blocked stalker has been able to harass me for months using the volcano duplication glitch to ensure himself the ability to yell sexual advances at me through in game chat. Kinda has become a normalcy in order to play this game. Should I just kill the rest of my own thralls so there’s nothing left to kill (rather than give him the satisfaction)?
It would be really great if I didn’t have to since I already have to play the game with no sound and have to climb the 50+ high wall fences that he’s built around entire map biomes (using dup glitch) to leave me personalized signs and messages.

And please, no. This is my 3rd Conan server since I played closed Beta. I have dealt with a great deal and never complained because I always supported this game and took it upon myself to get into the true spirit of “surviving”. I do not want my own server because I play alone after the other 17 tribe mates have left because of game issues. I just want to try and keep my base to enjoy new content, as it’s released, with no more drama.

P.s. I also know the glitch to reset other tribes’ timers to full so their bases don’t decay (my stalker is the one who originally showed me). Would be willing to talk to someone about that too if anyone at FunCom actually cares.

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really sorry to hear your trouble, but, “Volcano duplication glitch”, makes the chat active and usable ? :hushed:
As far as I know is not functional and has never been, did I understand correctly ?
this guy hacked the chat, made it functional, to contact you ?! :astonished:

Yeah, that is the problem

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