PS4 - CCOR Gaming - 5x All

I would welcome you here Exile, but I wouldn’t wish this god forsaken land on anyone.
Your only hope is your will to live, and clinging to the hope that your god has mercy on you.

A little mercy comes in the form of your ability to learn. 5 times faster than your average man, that’s impressive. It will serve you well here.

If you have friends with you here, I’m sure you wish they could of been spared this harsh reality. But true friends can help each other survive. And that survival is what we all hope for.

I wish you the best of luck Exile. I hope your god favors you…

Server name: CCOR Gaming-5x All
Platform: PS4
Category: Roleplay
2 Admins
Admins are not allowed to use their privileges for their own gain or the gain of others. The only time an admin is allowed to spawn in items would be for an event described below.

Plans for events such as gladiator fights, Thrall battles, God battles, and more! All events will have amazing prizes given to the winners!

Join us today! Bring glory to your clan!

You mentioned roleplay… are you using any sort of outside communication? Discord or forums or something? I’m not super keen on PvP (I have mellowed in my old age, heh) but I might be able to handle it in a roleplay environment.

I really just want to enjoy the Conan atmosphere with some friends off and on throughout the day and I haven’t been able to get back on a server more than once so far. I feel bad for leaving unconscious people and buildings but I don’t know what else to try, honestly.