Ps4 clan management needs work

So I started playing conan on pve official and overtime i got sick of playing alone so I started messaging other solo players to the point where we are a 7 member clan, I have never ran a clan of this size but I am used to ARK where setting permissions and ranks can all be established.

Though i have come to find that there is no way to set rank or permissions who can build and who cant and doors that you might not want lower ranking members to enter, locking chests with important items and there should even be a setting for thralls so newer members cant command them/remove them from crafting stations.

Worst of all is that at this point to my knowledge you can’t even remove an inactive clan member should you have the need to do so, The clan system needs to be finished because it is such an important part of the game, luckily the members of our clan are all new and very nice people but i am hesitant to invite and more new players because I don’t want one ■■■■■■■ to ruin everything we have worked for so far.

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