[PS4] Clan Recruitment (show of interest?)

Thinking of starting a clan in an official server. I am a solo player firstly-- to survive solo you have to be a grinder, an innovator, a tactician. Find the holes in the system and use them to make life easy. You cant let one setback get to you and you can’t make enemies of everyone. It is my belief that the people who will do best at this game will have this solo player mentality-- yet we cant remain solo players. There is strength in numbers and unifying for a common cause to create a thriving community.

This is the group i want to create.

I want to make a clan that is autonomous, where ideas can be shared and people can test things and learn mechanics of the game together. As a US payer i’d like to play with other US players (no offense to all you EU and OC players out there!) However, if you’re from another country, speak fluent english and play during US hours you’re more than welcome to apply~!

Anyway, I would love to also incorporate rp elements once we get set up (pve design and rp elements), but the most important thing to me is about meshing and forming a community. Leave your PSN tag here if you’re interested, i’ll go through a few questions privately and see if you would be a good fit for the group I’d like to form.

It may take a few days to a week for me to start the process, personal matters have come up and i would like to see how many people are interested in joining.

Good luck, may Mitra guide you on your path.

Clan Application: open
Interviews Begin: June 6th

This is me, solo mentality but would like to play and group with fellow solo sharks. Currently lvl 60, surviving and doing well on a PvP server. Psn Krollbar, wouldn’t mind doing some PvE with friends.

On a side note, I have enjoyed building a hidden base in plain sight :joy: (and not at the top of a rock or mountain)

I’ve found “hidden” bases aren’t hidden for long. Ppl know the good spots and check them. I’ve made some tentative friendships on the server i’m on with a major clan, we can build up fast and form an alliance (is the plan) we’ll roll with what’s thrown at us though. Edit: also, have a few ideas to discourage would be raiders.

Hey buddy. I had the same idea as you. I have a tribe of 4 so far. Would make to 5? There’s no leader and we all take in everyone’s idea. We just wanna be the most powerful/smartest tribe. We have a strong alliance with a clan of 5. If you are interested we would love to have someone with your mindset. Msg me.

Im lookin for an active group

Don’t know if this post is still active but if it is I’m a solo U.S. central time zone player. Psn: Slag_Whisperer