(PS4) Come to “The Sacred Vale”

Come to “The Sacred Vale”

5x harvest

3x exp

2x idle exp

50+ slots

3x health

3x stamina

1/4x stamina cost, hunger and thirst

Fun enemies (They’re strong but you’re stronger.)

Fast thralls and crafting (not instant, but literally close)

Great starter kit (really great armor and weapons, housing, thralls. DM me for kit)

Admin shop (Gold & $$$)

Weekly & monthly supply drops (Friday’s, DM me)

Weekly Events

Drop on death only turned on during raid times

Raid times from 1600-2200 (4pm-10pm) weekdays 1200-2200 (12pm-10pm) weekends

Optional 24/7 raidable house/ bases (RED // Exile camp)

Extremely active admins :grin: