(ps4) Conan Freezing and Crashing

Game mode: Online PvE-c
Problem: Crash
Map: #3041

There is a huge problem with the game crashing out when you run past huge builds, it’s happening now all the time on official and getting to the point were I’m starting to think about ditching the game.

Which is sad news as i thought this game had huge potential. Surely this kind of stuff should be more important on the fix chart rather than New content.

For me its 12 to 1230am UK time, every day as I’m running past huge builds, because the map is full of them, maybe have a BUILD limit or something, even if it’s just for now until you fix it.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Be online
  2. Run past loads of huge builds,
  3. Crash
  4. Restart if the server is even in the list and not disappeared.

Please fix or at the least let us know what’s happening.

Edited note:
constantly FREEZING or crashing, and when it does, for me sometimes I’ve crashed and I can watch my character just keep running or swimming with no control until it crashes out completely. Then when I finally get back on the server, that’s if it’s in the list, I find my character has gone a long way by it’s self and I can find myself anywhere, unless I’ve lucked out and hit a wall that has stopped me.

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