[PS4] Concordia 2020 [PvE C]

PvE Conflict server running over a year and still going. We care about the players and are willing to help those in need. We run with players to assist them in there journeys and do not take off line raiding nicely. If you are looking for a chill server that frowns upon offline raiding, then Concordia is the answer. Like building nice homes? Add a little style to the land? We welcome you. Roleplay? Trade? Yes. Wanna just run solo? Sure, just make a clan name. We also have a Discord for server communications.

Note that members without a clan name have the potential to be raided. Tho structures have increased durability, they are not immune to damage.

We also welcome full PvP players as long as they identify and only raid participating clans.

For more info, you can contact me on PSN BLACKHAWK_1989 your local admin.

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We have openings in our server again. Boosted XP. Show us your building skills.