PS4 - Concordia - Since Oct, 2018

Here on our PS4 server, we assist players having difficulty and are willing to help in battle. Day cycle is extended and killing is x5 XP. We have adjusted the settings and continue to fine tune them. Please feel free to join our server and create a clan name as to fight against clutter. Raiding is allowed on builds labeled abandoned and ones without a clan name as they get littered across the land from random players whom join for just a day and leave. We look forward to meeting you in game and we have discord which can be used to barter and trade.

Concordia server

Additional info:
joining our Discord

Building damage reduced and active 24/7 so followers protect against unwanted visitors.

XP rate X2.5
XP time X0.1
XP kill X5
XP Harvest X2.5
XP craft X3.5

Day cycle 0.5 (extended)
Day time 0.5 (extended)
Night time 1.0
Dawn Dusk 0.5 (extended)

Stamina 0.4 (extended)
Active Thirst 0.4 (reduced thirst)
Active Hunger 0.3 (reduced hunger)
Idle Thirst/Hunger 0.1 (extended) for AFK
Player remains in world (1 Week)
Corruption Removal 0.6
Corruption Gain 1.0
Drop Equipment (FALSE)
Remain in World (TRUE)

Building damage 0.1 (reduced for anti grieving)
Avatars disabled (contact admin)
*Player stats
Damage delt 0.7 (default)
Damage taken 0.6 (less damage)
Friendly fire 0.3 (less damage)
Durability 0.1 (tougher gear)
*NPC stats
Damage delt 0.6 (default)
Damage taken 1.0 (default)

Spoil rate 0.3 (last longer)
Harvest amount 3.0 (increased)
Respawn 0.5 (decreased to balance)

Crafting time 0.10 (quicker)
Thralls crafting 0.0 (insta thrall)
Fuel burn 6.0 (increased for bon fires)
Crafting cost 0.30 (reduced cost)

Abandonment: (fine tuned)
Decay timer max (28 days)
Decay bonus (+time when in proximity)
Decay override! (FALSE)
Thralls vacate after (14 days)

I started a small place the other day with hopes of building more, but someone came in within the last day or so and built right across the way. Feels like an eyesore of a layout, plus lag potential. Also, they got a bunch of spawned in stuff I can tell. Nope… don’t want to continue on a server that feels too crowded and just builds too close to others.

Revised server settings.
Sorry for late reply, but…

We have rules in place about building too close, sorry for your mislike of our settings. There are a lot of people that work hard on there builds and resource spawns high so it is easier to obtain materials. I’m disappointed that you would try to downgrade our server just because you apparently had a bad neighbor, perhaps you could have contacted a server admin instead and we would have taken care of the second build. The settings for land claim is reduced so that trees remain near your cabin in the woods.