[PS4] Crash hotfix (31.05.2018)

After the 1.08 parch, any official server I try is so laggy that i can’t even rotate the camera…
I did not found the same problem in unofficial server where i play quite well

Yeah I have one but the one I need is Archpriest, in order to get the Avatar Token.

Logged in this morning to my single player game to find all my thralls had low HP. They were at full HP when I logged off. So, thrall health still bugged? Anyone else notice this?

Cannot even get into a server omg…not even to the loading page seriously wth

“New Funcom logo video at startup”

I’m glad you guys can create a new logo video. But you guys are lacking in the area that players actually want…I.E Chat and Making the game crash less…

the Selecting a server bug is still here even after 1.09 patch.

Just annoying when you spend all your time one server then it gets popular and cant get in cuz its full half the time. I understand now servers arent great just hope somthing is done soon :slight_smile:

Today Patch 1.09 dont fix my problem.
Always connection lost to PSN Network.
Restart playstation. Next try. Then i can load… But near till end crazy sounds and then black screen.
Then restart Playstation. Ping 9999. Restart and 30 min. later it works. :frowning:

Imagine if you bought a new car and it stalled on you randomly. You take it back to the dealership and they tell you stop hating if you can build a better car We would like to see you try. Sounds stupid right? This game was supposed to be a finished product. People have every right to be upset.


I have my base in a cave with walls on both endings. ALL my workbenches are gone…
not funny anymore…

How can I stop bleed damage now?I use numbing wraps but it stops my heals and I still bleed?

I lost everything again with clan bug, now what i try to build is seted as "no owner’

Try dying, it seems to help fix that type of issue.

If that doesn’t work, try removing everything from your wheel then putting it back in.

Actually, try that first.

As nice as the patches are for the actual game you need to update your servers and everything because I’m still stuttering and freezing then either blindly throwing myself off a cliff or getting killed by an enemy after teleporting straight to it.


This needs to be fixed. Canlt even load a webpage or view mssages because it fcks with my net so bad.

Hi @KilioxPSN, have you tried playing with settings on your router or checking in with your ISP as I mentioned in a reply to Revy? Other games appear to also have similar issues when some people use an ingame server browser, due to a large number of pings in a short period of time.

Any specific settings or should I just click everything and hope it works?

Console gamer here and admittedly not a tech whiz. Knowing what settings or what to ask my isp would be a big help…


It happens to me too…but only in official servers!
So i started an unofficial, and now i can’t found it anymore !
Unplayable at the moment

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I WAS playing on server 3985 SA, the amount of disconnects i’m getting when trying to play for at least 30 minutes made me quit the game that i used to love so much, thanks for that…waiting 1 hour in the loading screen before 1.08 was better than not being able to play at all because of constant disconnects that im getting after 1.08/.09…

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I’m admittedly not an expert on consoles either, so I’m not sure if such a setting exists through your PlayStation 4. Perhaps you can try going to your Router Configuration settings and see if there’s options to relax the rules and see if that helps. You may want to look for Flood Protection or Spam settings, or anything of that sort.

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