PS4 crash wall climbing

Hi, the game crash during my attack to an enemy base climbing a wall. But the odd thing is that I was one section of the base that I clean out off enemy and when i login back i was kill and my dead body and the carcass of my great saber tooth where in the other side of the base.
Server#3125-pvp-party EU
Event [2019.08.25-15.57.20
Thank you

Hey @Educar12, thank you for getting in touch!

Did you have any messages in your event log relating to your death?

It’s possible that your character has died due to falling down, or was killed by other means.

No message in event log about me dead but it was for the Great saber tooth. No falling because I just start to the climbing plus I was in a safe location where I did kill everything and the odd thing was my dead body and the carcass of my great saber tooth was in different location. I was okay when it crash because it happen before but I know I was in a safe area and nothing will happen and I login right away.
Yesterday it happen another crash but this time was the server and I was in the middle of The Summoning Place. I wait for the server to comeback but it took almost 9 hours to and by that time I was sleeping. This morning checking if the server is back and it was back. Now the server did NOT give any 10 minutes warning or any warnings at all. And again I get kill, looter and decay of all my items what is going to happen now ?
I will get back my great saber tooth that is the only thing I lost when the game crash? I will get all my items I lost when the server shutting down for 9 hours?
Thank you

We do apologize for this situation but, unfortunately, we’re unable to offer any assistance with the restoration of items.

The team is going to reach out to the server provider in order to determine the cause behind the crashes and extended downtime.

What a waist of me time to don’t get any support. Now I know what to put in my review of this game: A support team that can not give you support when the game and the server crash and you lose everything, GREAT.

We understand the frustration but, although we provide over one thousand official servers as a free service to players, as with many games similar to Conan Exiles we do not offer “MMO type” game master support on these due to manpower issues.

We are, however, constantly trying to find ways to help you in any way we can from our side.

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