PS4 Crashing on Co-Op. Hardware limitation?

Game mode: [Online | Co-Op]
Problem: [Crash]
Region: [Jungle Biome, a bit west of the Witch Queen’s location]

To my understanding, when doing a “non-server” co-op (not playing on a dedicated private/public server), the host PS4 acts like a server. Is there some sort of hardware limitation that exists on the PS4 that causes the session from crashing? We have recently started to expand our rainforest base and have a decent amount of assets, lots of walls, buildings, thralls, etc. Within these past couple of days, however, we can’t go more then ten or fifteen minutes without the session crashing. Before aggressively building, our session was fine, but I was just wondering if there’s a limit to how much we can build on a “non-server” locally hosted co-op session (if that’s the right term, haha). We do plan on renting out a dedicated private server soon just so we can come and go as we please, but would like some insight on this problem.

TL;DR : Are PS4 hardware limitations on a locally hosted co-op the cause of our session crash?


Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Have one player start a session. Three other players join player one’s session
  2. Proceed to Jungle Biome, west of Witch Queen’s location.
  3. Build to your heart’s content, preferably have 8-10 buildings, and walls that are 6 tiles high, plus 10-12 thralls. Fight off the occasional crocodile/panther that wanders into the base.
  4. Problem usually happens around the 10 minute mark. Host would freeze and then we would be kicked off a couple of minutes later.
  5. Host (as well as other players) would close out of application on PS4, restart PS4, and then reenter session.
  6. When spawning back into base, crash happens again around the 10 min mark, give or take 2-3 min.
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In case anyone is wondering, not having a dedicated server will limit the size of your base/activity. If you play and host a session on your ps4 (as we did) the game will crash after a time because the PS4 just can’t handle what’s going on in the game. Two people just running around and fighting is okay, but three or more people will cause severe lag.

When we got a private server through Gportal, this issue was resolved. We were able to build big bases and group up with almost little to no lag at all.

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