[PS4][EU][NEW] Banished - Full PvP - Double EXP - Indestructible Buildings

Hello Barbarians!

Please, bring your swords, carving knives and plant fibre over to your new server: Banished. A fresh start and a chance to be part of a permanent world.

Who Are We

A small group of friends in our early/mid 20s who enjoy playing games and world building. Whilst we are currently less than ten, we welcome as many as are willing to join us.

What can Banished offer you?

Everyone enjoys some adrenaline every once in a while, but nobody enjoys watching their structures be destroyed and their progress removed - we ask ourselves, why not have both?

This is your world; a world to build upon and populate. Any structure you build can not be destroyed by other players. This world is however a harsh world; full PvP is enabled at all times. We feel this strikes a nice balance between adrenaline filled confrontations and self-made progression.

All structures shall stand - from the greatest castle to your starting hut. They fill the world with discovery beyond what the base game can offer.

From our previous server trial we found the base experience rate is too low, so we have doubled it from all sources to help you get into the action faster.

What is your server goal?

We want to build a world. A permanent world. Anything you build and leave will remain in the world for as long as the environment allows. With a good world comes good stories and experiences, so help us build them.

How can we join?

Simply type ‘Banished’ into your PS4 search (PvP servers) and we should be top of the list - if not, look for the server name in the title of this thread. If there is nobody online, don’t worry! Join us, start building, and people will begin to drop in around you.


That’s it for introductions - come and carve an area of this world for yourself. The server has 20 slots at the moment, but we will increase this as required to ensure everyone can play.

We hope to see you soon!


Thank you for posting this. Awesome server. I like pvp but don’t want to see my hours of hard work gathering and building destroyed. This strikes a good balance between the two. I’ll be sticking around!


Thanks Evoriya! Welcome to the server.

There are still plenty of available slots for newcomers!

There are still several slots remaining for any new players!

We are steadily growing but have many more slots for you and your friends. Come and join us!