PS4 EU PVP Official Server #3108 looking for clans/players to repopulate (noob friendly server)

Just like the title says, official PVP server 3108 is looking to repopulate (for more ppl to join) after a few of the bigger clans moved onto other servers due to the relaxed nature of this one (lot of pve oriented, new to pvp type players on our server). There are a few smaller clans on at the moment and most of them have 2-4 players online daily. It’s a very stress free server where you don’t have to worry about being raided every single day as long as u don’t make enemies on purpose with everybody. I will gladly help newcomers feel welcome with some tips etc. The server used to have 30+ ppl online at peak hours everyday but now it’s down to about 10 during peak hours. Ppl from all countries, backgrounds and races are welcome :slight_smile:

If this reaches anyone who is interested just message hazak on psn and i will tell u more. There is also a possibility for getting recruited if you’re into helping via farming etc. There will also be a 1v1 pvp tournament in a Coliseum type thing happening on the server soon after the DLC drops!