PS4 Frame stutter in online only

So i got a Pro and can do offline fine without any frame issues so i don’t think it our consoles. It’s gotta be the servers. Any info on when these server kinks will be ironed out? Because it’s making PvP a dice roll.

I agree that this is likely a server connection issue. It could be on our end, yours, or both. Exiles demands a lot from your connection, so limiting other devices that use bandwidth while playing might help. If you’re using a wifi connection, and you can switch to a wired one, then I highly recommend this. You should also be trying to look for servers with the lowest ping to ensure the best possible connection.

We are going to be rolling out updates in the very near future to address other possible issues that could be contributing to this. Keep an eye out for this update and let us know if you continue to see extreme latency.

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